I'm still really into playing Guild Wars. o_O It's just interesting and a lot of fun when you team up with others. However, I hadn't added Desbreko to my friends list yet so when he teamed up with me and Trip the other day, I didn't realize it was him at first. I kept thinking... this person is in the same guild, but who the hell are they? XD

I've also teamed up with Allamorph several times. It was really nice earlier since there were some side quests where I kept dying when I tried to complete them. They were really hard. o_O And even with his help, I still died like three or four times. XD

Anyway, I've spent way too many hours playing this game since I got it. I haven't even truly explored all the possible character combinations. I think I'm going to stick with the two I have right now though. It's more than enough to keep me occupied. =P

And now for the fun part of the post, I present moar avatars.

External Image External Image External Image External Image External Image External Image

Feel free to snatch and use. The ones with no text, feel free to add stuff to them if you want. Doing so won't bother me any. All I did to them was alter the colors and such. Which is why there is two of Kratos without text. One is darker than the other. =P