Deep Silent Complete

I think I'll bullet point this paticular post since I don't feel like going into depth on anything right now. Though that's probably because it's 3:30am and I'm getting rather sleepy. Anyway...

  • October is shaping up to be the most dramariffic month this year for chat. I really hope that trend dies, it's annoying.

  • I'm wondering if I should tweak the site terms to include that fact that slang and buzzwords are every bit as acceptable as leet speak.
  • Grammar Nazis, if they're overbearing, piss me off.
  • People forget that some offenses warrant an instant ban from the site.
  • I've decided that Guild Wars is addicting. o_O
  • I love the new music I got last week. Wishmaster, Walking With Strangers and Bloodangel's Cry. Such wonderful stuff to play. :3
  • Mexican food is so damn tasty.
  • I want more socks. ._.

And now for some pretty graphics to play with. The first two avatars of Lucia from Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, were made based solely on a suggestion that Allamorph made in chat.

The Raine avatars were made since I wanted to poke Ace a bit. When I showed the angry face one to Allamorph, he decided to troll him with it since the frowny face is the one he uses in chat. I found it very amusing and yet almost creepy to see him using something other than a cat for his avatar. XD

External Image External Image External Image External Image External Image

Anyway, like always, they're up for grabs if someone wants to use them.