Abra Kadammit

Okay so... I AM LOSING WEIGHT EFF YEAH!!! ON the bad side I am possibly losing it. Hahaha. Last night I had one hell of an experience. I woke up suddenly for some reason and heard heavy breathing.... from several different places. I was the only one in my room. I remember a shiver ran up my spine as I realized that I may not have been alone. Then... I heard someone say something. It came so suddenly though. Perhaps it was but a dream, or perhaps it wasn't. All they said was, "We are coming." Pretty eerie right. Well, maybe I am crazy. What else is going on. OH. I voted Jack Skellington for US senator of my state. :3 I enjoy this very much even though he lost he still got my vote. <3 I have also decided to take into studying the occult and magic and such. Not for the purpose people are thinking. XD I just find the topic interesting and truly, I want to believe in it. Anyway guys. I wanted to drop in and say hello, and that I miss you all. LOVE YOU EVERYPONY!!!!