Rawr.... and Mountain Dew.

HI EVERYPONY!!!!.... I am not on as much. But alas..... tis with good reason. I have found a new hobby which I hate. I like to call it work. I am full of crap too. XDDD ANYWAY. I am working a lot more hours lately, plus I have been spending time my friends, and looking for a graveyard shift job at a place like McDonalds. Or something. ANYWAY. Fact is. I need more money. Period. I have been consumed with work more work and more money so I can move. This doesn't mean I am neglecting you guys though. I know I have not been on much but things are rough right now and I just need to take care of priorities. So you guys are my buddies too. Love to my family, and to all with a bad thing going on you are in my thoughts. Gotta go now guys. Love ya. ;D