This, as many of you are aware, is my main world. And my only one I post in now. Here I just say whatever. When I am angry happy, sad, depressed, laughing, whatever. ^^ This is the place to be to get to know me... damn rhyme....

I live in the realm of Reality. I go to a 10 to 8 job. I spend four days of the week at work. I take care of people. I used to be so angry about everything, and in some ways.... I still am. This, however, isn't what I am all about. I leave my house. I have fun at work, and I smile. Those of you who know me.... know I wasn't always so happy, but that was some time ago. I found something out in this wasteland we call life. I found something far more profound than religion, or even love. I found the ability to push ahead, no matter how hard it gets. I refuse to back away from any challenge, and I won't let anything bring me back to that dumbass child I was, but that being said.... That old flame of the maniac Shimu isn't completely dead, just some of those murky bits polished. Haha.

Name: Richard

Height: 5'5" (Lost Height somehow....

Age: 23

Date of Birth: May 28, 1992

I am a fan of anime, which is why I came here. Many many anime capture my interest, but many are from years past, save for my number two stand alone series now. To name a few; Sailor Moon, Trigun, Akira, Gundam (most of the franchise), Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai 7, Gungrave, Strait Jacket. That stand alone series at the number 2 spot of my favorites..... Is Psychopass

I also greatly enjoy music. I love most music except certain bands and pretty much all country save for a few songs.

Rammstein is my favorite band. Period.

More or less...... this is all the important information there is about me.

Relationship Status: Single.

Some Music

Normally, here lately I have either been listening to a lot of happy music or Emo music. Neither of these are what I used to listen to. I'll let you listen to some of My music now.

Back in my old days I listened to a lot of heavy shit. I loved my metal. Still do and always will. The more fucking hardcore and brutal the better. I even used to go to moshes and such shit back then. I miss those days. A lot of fun times.


Between today and yesterday... i have been getting worse and worse. Well, I am gonna go ahead and take a three or four day leave. I am not gonna let my mood affect my friends. I'll be back when I am over my depression. Till then peace you guys, and take it easy okay? When I get back I am hoping to find all my friends all happy, so take care of yourselves and be good. Anyway, love ya guys and I am out.


So, began my job at Wal-Mart today. What fun that was. I got so involved, and so enthused that I cheered!.... not really. Anyway. Despite all the bad crap you hear about the place, its better than bein broke. I am gonna put some serious time and hard work into this and see if I can make something out of it. I did have one probleam though. I went in today, and I went through orientation. The pay period ends tomorrow. (Its technically friday now, but I am writing this as if it were yesterday as I was far too tired to write this yesterday) That means. This coming thursday, I get payed for like a four hour shift or something. Though I like my hours. Mostly nine hour work days for the next two weeks, which brings in some serious cash on hand. So thats always a plus.

Morning has Become Awesome again.

So, I am up at 6 AM. As I write this I am listening to the song in the vid Below. 6AM rocking out to Robot Rock? Morning has become Awesome again.

Shimuzaki Santoryu

External Image

This is Shimuzaki Santoryu. So you know what to think of when you RP with me in a fight. He wields a jet black katana with him at all times as well as the Vicous delicious violent arm you see there. XDDDD Compliments to my sister for making him because she drew him for me.