This, as many of you are aware, is my main world. And my only one I post in now. Here I just say whatever. When I am angry happy, sad, depressed, laughing, whatever. ^^ This is the place to be to get to know me... damn rhyme....

I am a very reclusive person as of late, but I come out of my shell a lot more when I get out of my house and go places. However, I have yet to see to doing that recently, so I am very isolated. I have built the walls of my confinement to let each day pass me by as I remain to myself, as many times more often than not, I would rather just stay out of the way of people. However, there have been times I have been known to step out and leave these four dark walls.

Name: Richard

Height: 5'8"

Age: 20

Date of Birth: May 28, 1992

I am a fan of anime, which is why I came here. Many many anime capture my interest, but many are from years past. To name a few; Sailor Moon, Trigun, Akira, Gundam (most of the franchise), Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai 7, Gungrave, Strait Jacket.

I also greatly enjoy music. I love most music except certain bands and pretty much all country save for a few songs.

Rammstein is my favorite band. Period.

More or less...... this is all the important information there is about me.

Relationship Status: *laughs his ass off* Relationship status? What the fuck is that? hahhahaha. Don't be so damned stupid Roc. It'll get ya killed out here.

Abra Kadammit

Okay so... I AM LOSING WEIGHT EFF YEAH!!! ON the bad side I am possibly losing it. Hahaha. Last night I had one hell of an experience. I woke up suddenly for some reason and heard heavy breathing.... from several different places. I was the only one in my room. I remember a shiver ran up my spine as I realized that I may not have been alone. Then... I heard someone say something. It came so suddenly though. Perhaps it was but a dream, or perhaps it wasn't. All they said was, "We are coming." Pretty eerie right. Well, maybe I am crazy. What else is going on. OH. I voted Jack Skellington for US senator of my state. :3 I enjoy this very much even though he lost he still got my vote. <3 I have also decided to take into studying the occult and magic and such. Not for the purpose people are thinking. XD I just find the topic interesting and truly, I want to believe in it. Anyway guys. I wanted to drop in and say hello, and that I miss you all. LOVE YOU EVERYPONY!!!!

I'll be around when I can.

I have a lot to worry about, but hopefully that will all change. I am gonna try to join the navy. I am going to enlist in the morning and hopefully before to long I'll get off to basic training. If it is some time, I suppose I'll be doing something or other. Either way, I am joining the Navy. So I won't be on near as much. So, peace everyone. Shimu out. Don't go forgetting me, okay?

No Excuses

I was asked recently a question that pissed me off severely. Told things that sickened me. The people who know about this know this is for them. Apologize to me? Come to me begging forgiveness? No, there are no excuses for that sort of action, and that sort of behavior. You are an adult, and you know damn well what you are up to is wrong, and that it isn't befitting of what you try so desperately to call a family. If that is how family treats one another, than I have no further wish to be apart of this so called family. I came here severely lacking trust in humanity, and I still do for the most part, I don't trust people I don't know. I thought I knew someone, but apparently, recent events have made it to where I cannot trust certain people I thought I knew. Love, respect, and trust are earned through hard work, and you don't get it from me by pulling this shit. I kept my mouth shut about the situation, but give me the reason I need and I will not keep it back. I am furious and disgusted. So if you wanna hate me for this post, go for it. If you still like me, thats fine too. You can be as respectful or as disrespectful as you want. I don't really give a shit, and you know I don't so don't tempt my patience.

Has the Laughing Man Gone mad?

Aye, that he has. Hahahahahaha!!! Oh how I do so love being positively crazy. Its more fun than you can ever imagine. Every day is a party, and every person is well, lets not go there. Hahaha. Insanity is my bestest friend ever! <3 We dance and sing and love and cry and scream and yell and drink and do much much much more together! Always there to have my back when things are going bad, always there to give me a good dose of reality when I need it. INSANITY!!!!!! I LOVE YA ME MATEY!!!! AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!! <3 Love to my friends and family! Hope you all go crazy and join me! It'll be fun if we can! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Its good to be back

So.... first things first..... FUCK YOU WALMART!!!!! SHOVE YOUR JOB UP YOUR ASS!!!!

So, I am back. Back bak back back back. I feel so alive.... so wonderful...... SO DAMN AMAZING!!!!! Quitting that stupid damn job is the best thing I have done in quite awhile.These onths of working there almost drove me insane. Literally. But I am good now. Finally my ind and soul can rest. I no longer feel the heart crushing depression that place drove me too. Its nice to feel at ease with things.