Shifomu's meets everyone

[you have to read "shifomu's akatsuki encounter" to understand this, so please do so.]

The man finally sat her down. "I think we should all introduce ourselves, maybe it'd make her more comfortable before the test." sasori said.
"Well first up, I'm Deidara. I'd say nice to meet you, but..." said the man she bit.
A figure with no features but his cloak they all seemed to be wearing, & an orange mask stumbled up to her excitedly,
"H..Hi!!! I'm Tobi! I hope we become bestfriends so i can give you hugs! :DD" the figure said.
"I'm Hidan." The evil looking white haired man said.
A giant guy with a plant for a head & bright yellow eyes stood up.
"I'm Zetsu, nice to meet you." He sat down.
"I'm Konan, nice to finally have another girl around here.." said the blue haired girl.
"I'm Pein." Said a red head with multiple gauges throughout his body.
"Hey I'm Kakuzu, don't touch my money." he said glaring at her.
"I'm Kisame, nice to meet you." A half shark/half man said grumpily.
She thought everyone had finally introduced themselves, when all the sudden a dark haired, red eyed, angry man barged into the door.
"I..itachi, calm down!" deidara stuttered.
"Itachi, we captured this girl on our mission last night. she was the only survivor, that must mean she is strong, so we're going to test her & see if she's worthy of joining us. But if not, we'll kill her. I promise." Sasori begged.
"Whatever, I want her outta here if she's no use, MAKE HER TAKE THE TEST, NOW!"
he screamed.
"Well first of all, you have to introduce yourself. Everyone else has, even Kakuzu." said sasori.
"Hey, whats that suppost to mean :(" said Kakuzu.
"Fine, my name is Itachi Uchiha, now get out of my sight & take the test." He said angrily as he stormed out of the room.

Shifomu's Akatsuki encounter.

As her blurry eyes began to squint open, all's Shifomu could see through the cracks were a room filled with men & a blue haired woman, all staring at her wearing long cloaks. & one red haired man was holding her in his arms like a baby. She didn't know any of them so she got startled. She jerked, but fealt s sharp, itchy, burning pain all over her skin. Her eyes widened, & she looked down to see there were burns, puppet strings, & bandages all over her body in various places. She broke a sweat.
"Well sleepyhead, it's about time you woke up." The guy said while cracking a smile. Shifomu had no reply, she didn't know what to say. All's she could do was stare into the mans eyes, & then look at the strangers staring at her.
A man with long blonde hair leaned down beside them, & began to speak.
"Now now, no need to give us the silent treatment, we're all pals here. So just tell us your name, & we'll all get to know eachother!" Said the guy.
"I'm not telling you ANYTHING!" Shifomu screamed in the mans face.
"WELL JEEZ! if you're gonna be that way, maybe you should stay silent.." said the man grumpily.
He proceeded to shhh her & put his finger over her mouth, but Shifomu feistily bit his finger.
"Well there wasn't really one, I just thought she was too adorable to leave to burn with those dirty refugee's. & who knows, she might be of use to us, she could be strong." Sasori said smiling at her.
"Hm, sound's like Sasori has a little crush." said a bulky evil looking man with white hair across the room. Sasori just chuckled.
"Well can we go ahead & test her to see if she's powerful, cuz if she's not, I wanna be the one to kill her." Said Deidara.

Shifomu info!

This will be a world with blogs filled with info on Shifomu, her life, fanfics, etc!
But before you get into her, you have to know a little bit about her,
so here's some info:

When Shifomu was 2 years old, she spent her last day in her home village, the village hidden in the leaves. Days after her 2nd birthday, there was a raid by some rouge ninja, & she was captured along with some other kids. They got as far as the village hidden in the waves, & were killed by some shinobi that were on the look out for them. The children were all taken back to their home villages, except for Shifomu because the 2 villages were at war at the time. Shifomu was too young to remember her parents, & barley walk & talk, so she was dumped off in the streets in the village hidden in the waves, where she knew absolutely noone at all. After a year of starvation & surviving by begging on the streets, someone finally took her in. They saw much potential in her as a shinobi, & they began to train her in their style of nin/tai jutsu at the tender age of 3 1/2. This person's name was Zabuza, who had also taken in another young street rat boy named Haku. She learned their style, while teaching herself her own type of special taijutsu which was kind of like gentle fist but with water/electricity. She became powerful, but she never lost her soul & compassion. When Zabuza began to want to murder others for money & other purposes, Shifomu ran away because she didn't wanna take part in it. Old enough to fend for herself at this point, she tried to run back to her home village. It was a long journey for a child, even though she was strong. She lost her way shortly after he departure, & wandered into a refugee camp of dirty, nasty, poor, rouge ninja, but they offered her a place to stay for 2 days, so she settled down. The first night Shifomu was there, there was another raid by more rouge ninja, but not just any rouge ninja, the Akatsuki. After killing nearly all of them, they set fire to the site, killing everyone else but Shifomu. [accidentally] Passing out in pain from the burns was all she remembered until she woke up in the arms of a red haired man with a black & red cloud cloak on.

This is Shifomu-chan! The RPC was done from a base by Headstrongbases @, & so was the background for this blog!
[all done on ms paint]