Spider Riders: An Introduction

As many of you may know, anime dubbing hasn't always been as generally high-quality as it is today. Back in the early days of America's introduction to the medium, companies weren't always quite sure how to approach the material. Certainly everything couldn't be kept for broadcast, as many things the Japanese wouldn't bat an eye at on a kids' show simply wouldn't fly for an American audience. Still, how much was too much? How many questionable scenes could be cut before the show simply couldn't tell its story correctly anymore? On top of that, the medium hadn't proven its marketability yet and often dubbing studios had to hire actors off the streets. The results could range from acceptable to choppy and grating.

As time went on, most companies hit their stride and the general quality of anime dubs began to increase. We now live in an age of uncut DVDs, high-quality audio and visuals, and voice actors well-known enough to spend entire Summers traveling between conventions. However, every once in a while, something goes wrong and an exception still slips by. One of those exceptions is what I credit for getting me finally and fully immersed in anime culture; the 4kids Entertainment One Piece dub. Another, one that we are discussing today, is Spider Riders.