Oh my goodness, what is this madness?

Well, my friend, this is the Last Train to Riffsville. I, Ace, being of unsound mind and irrelevant body, do hereby declare this to be the place where I make fun of bad anime, manga and other miscellaneous junk. Don't expect an actual regular update schedule or anything, I'm doing this for fun. Hopefully some of you will also be amused by it, but I'll take what I can get.

This started as a place to review and insult Naruto chapters, so if you're interested in that, you can archive binge a little. Otherwise, stay tuned and maybe I'll say something funny. Or maybe not, it's really just a matter of opinion.

Mystery Naruto Theatre 3000: Chapter 411

Chapter 411 Chapter opens with Sasuke approaching 8-Tails, who appears to be throwin' up gang signs. Juugo is standing again for some reason. Oh, so is Suigetsu. Before the actual fight, they spend about 3 pages whining about how they have ...

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Mystery Naruto Theatre 3000: Chapter 410

The chapter starts with Sasuke going over battle tactics with Team Hawk. He tells Karin to watch his back. Seriously, dude? Now it's as if you want to get she-raped. Anyway, after that there's a decent-looking color spread of a bunch of dead guys ...

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Mystery Naruto Theatre 3000: Chapter 409

Our chapter opens with the titular non-main character leaving Konoha. He turns to Shikamaru and wishes him good luck on solving Jiraya's code... Which was already deciphered last time I checked. Read what you write, Kishi! Holy crap. ...

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