Oh my goodness, what is this madness?

Well, my friend, this is the Last Train to Riffsville. I, Ace, being of unsound mind and irrelevant body, do hereby declare this to be the place where I make fun of bad anime, manga and other miscellaneous junk. Don't expect an actual regular update schedule or anything, I'm doing this for fun. Hopefully some of you will also be amused by it, but I'll take what I can get.

This started as a place to review and insult Naruto chapters, so if you're interested in that, you can archive binge a little. Otherwise, stay tuned and maybe I'll say something funny. Or maybe not, it's really just a matter of opinion.

Oh right, one more thing before I begin:

That's the opening to Spider Riders. It's not really bad, per se. At least, not as ear-gratingly awful as the One Piece rap. Still, it's another victim of that annoyingly weird misconception that a seven year old boy will refuse to watch anything that doesn't start with a cheesy rap song.

Spider Riders: An Introduction

As many of you may know, anime dubbing hasn't always been as generally high-quality as it is today. Back in the early days of America's introduction to the medium, companies weren't always quite sure how to approach the material. Certainly everyth...

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MNT3K Chapter 498

Naruto chapter 498: JEEZ MOM KNOCK BEFORE YOU JUST WALTZ IN MY SOUL LIKE THAT Our chapter opens with Naruto and his mother deep in conversation. Specifically the conversation of who the hell are you and what are you doing i...

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MNT3K: Chapter 488

Naruto Recap Chapter 488: Go Home Already Chapter appears to open in some kind of distillery or something. The Nation Lords are on a conference call. They use televisions that are apparently made of stone. I wonder if they ...

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This Week in Manga Mortality (One Piece and Naruto Spoilers)

Who died this week: Who suffered serious injuries, but is still alive and will likely rem...

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