It appears that we now have the ability to change our Usernames...and because of this, I will once again be transferring everything back to my old account.

Ms. Bakura Ishtar will be becoming "ShadeyCharacter", if all goes well. We can only wait and see.

Transfer at 50%

Successfully removed all fan works from this account. Now to work on re-uploading them on my old account. This will be the very last time.

Why don't I just delete them you may ask? ...because honestly, I like seeing how far I have progressed as compared to how I used to be.

New Beginnings.

I should be starting work at a new company soon. A better job. *sighs* A long time coming that was. >.<

Anyhow, I finally got time from my busy schedule to transfer some more of my old stuff. MAN some of that stuff is old. lol From way back when I was still using Yu-Gi-Oh characteristics in my drawings...and I didn't have GIMP for my photo editing! I still only had Paint Shop Pro 7 at the time. That was ages ago. Don't know what I would do without GIMP now. xD

...and, I'm becoming as addicted to Runes of Magic as I am to Fiesta. :o Got invited to a guild today on RoM. I'm now a new 'Rebellion' member. :3

Oh...and my Rider is 'Love'!

busy busy bumblebee

Been very busy the past week. Not much time to really do anything on here. >.<

Just popping in to say I'm not dead~!


tit for tat

Wooo I won a thing. :3 Got a gold medal for my fairytale Espada E-card.

What's funny about I had originally submitted those entries on my old account then deleted them and transferred to this account so I could submit them into the Espada E-card contest on my new account.

...and my old account still got silver medals for participating even though I took them out of the contest over there before it ended. XD *amused*

Anyhow...that's all the news I got for the day...other than I transferred a few more fanart pieces from Ishtar.

Awww. Its all weird in smallanized size. Q.Q (yes I said smallanized! My word! :p)

by Rusky-Boz



I had a good three nights off tonight I must return. *bummed* I did, however, get to lvl my Mage on Fiesta a good 5 lvls. She's 65 now.

On another note...I managed to transfer more of my stuff from Ms. Bakura Ishtar to this account. Its a slow process though. 3 pieces a day. :/ ...and I can't remember how long it took me to get Senior Otaku status on my old account. I have had it for 5 years. Surely it only took a few months to a year. ._. Lord I hope so.

Would have been so much simpler had they just changed my name. Gail doesn't have the ability to change it though. So sad.

Ahh well. Its sorta like a fresh slate. New friends and all. XD ...gotta work on that new friends thing. My old friends have all pretty much left TheO now...or are only on every now and then. Wah.

*looks at the clock* Oh. Gotta go kids. have to catch some Zs before rushing off to work at 9:00.

Heres a piccy for ya from Solid&etc. (I love that site.)