When Disaster Strikes

So yesterday our basement flooded and we lost a good deal. The biggest thing for me...is my entire physical portfolio. Everything I have ever drawn and kept from the time I was small...is all gone.

That is one of those things that is priceless. Something that can't be replaced.

Fortunately I had uploaded a small portion of it to my DA account so I have a digital copy of some of the pieces...but its still a great deal of loss.

There were also several "WIP" pieces that will now never be completed.

I'm pretty upset about it.

...and worse yet, the insurance company doesn't even see fit to give me any kind of settlement over the lost art or any of my card collections.

Much of what was damaged was mine seeing as I live in the basement.

I also lost my stereo and part of my surround sound(I will most likely have to replace the whole thing as it is a set). I lost books, book cases, and several original VHS Disney movies which actually adds up to quite a bit of money. My mint condition Original black label copy of Final Fantasy VII was damaged(The game itself is fine but the value is gone now that the artwork has been soaked. I immediately took the case apart and tried to use a hairdryer to save it but the damage has already been done).

There was more but those are the most pressing losses.

Needless to say, yesterday was a kick in the face kind of day.