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I am once again returning to TheO/MyO. I am sad to see that many of my friends are no longer around. I hope to make some new friends, that is...if I don't frighten them away. *chuckles*

Anyway...for those of you that don't know me...

I have been known by two Usernames here on TheO. Ms. Bakura Ishtar and Shadey Character. Been around since 2005. A lot has changed here since then, let me tell you.

My true name is Amanda but many of my friends and family call me Shader, Shade, or Shadey. At work I am known by my middle name Marie for the simple fact that there is another girl that works with me that has the same name...and I don't like being confused with her.

In many of the games I participate in I go by Aparisyon, Istral, Shader, Wraith, BloodWraith, or Kallien. As you can see, there are many things to call me by. Pick whatever makes you happy.

Now that we have got the many faces of me out of the way. We can get on to the good stuff.

I am an anime/manga/sci-fi/fantasy/gaming addict. Some of my favorite Anime/Manga are Hellsing, Chrono Crusade, BLEACH, Vampire Hunter D, Inuyasha, Naruto, Final Fantasy, Elfen Lied, so on and so forth. (There are far more...maybe one day I will get my lazy butt around to making a list.)

Movies or Television that I enjoy include Advent Children, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Pirates of the Caribbean, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis(my favorite), Sanctuary, Angel, Buffy, Bones, The Vampire Diaries, and Heroes... I do not watch a whole lot of regular TV. Most of my television is viewed from my computer anyway.

The video game series I like best is Final Fantasy. I also enjoy Prince of Persia, and Kingdom Hearts. My favorite video game is Final Fantasy VII. Sephiroth is pretty darn awesome. ...and so is Vincent. ;)

Itachi, Ulquiorra, Madara, Murumasa, Gaara, Grimmjow, Alucard, D, Chrono, Sesshomaru, Bakura, Marik, Todd the Wraith, Steve the Wraith, Prince Nuada, Frieza, Cell,Sephiroth, Kadaj, Yazoo, and Vincent are some of my all time FAVORITE characters from any given movie, game, or television show.(and trust me my list continues to grow.)

Some of the MMORPGs I enjoy include Aion, Fiesta, Perfect World, WoW, and Runes of Magic. (Most of these I have retired unfortunately, but I enjoyed my time in game.) At the moment I spend a majority of my gaming time playing Aion or Console games. If you also play and are interested in maybe meeting in game send me a PM and we will figure out a time and a place.

If you have never heard of these games and would like to just see what they are...here are a few links to the websites/download sites for you:


Aion NA

Perfect World

Runes of Magic

I'm not going to even include a World of Warcraft link. I'm confident that you know what that is. ...and if you don't, I will be happy to enlighten you.

If you have a Plurk, Tumblr, or DeviantArt, feel free to add me there too.


Obsession INC

Aion Obsession INC

Ulquihime:Forbidden Embraces





I hope that told you something about me. If I think of anything else I will put it up for those of you that actually read these.

If you ever feel the need to strike up a conversation with me, feel free! I can talk about pretty much anything ya want. ;)

Oh and...I'm a Ulquihime and ItaSaku shipper. Sorry if ya don't like it. I do and this is my world soooo...

To lazy to look for a good AMV at the moment but its always wonderful to see Madara and Hashirama in action. *shrugs*

Almost at an End

It has been a reallllly long day today. Work was hectic and there was drama amongst the masses. Of course one should always expect some kind of drama to raise it's ugly head in a workplace.

Anyway, That is over for today and now I sit here relaxing with a full tummy.

I still have a few things to do before bed though!

Gonna assemble a few Confessions and then maybe do a bit on that Wallpaper for Crimson's challenge! Otaku Confessions will be updating shortly, watch for it!

(Also, I may start putting the Picture of the Day in the Introduction again...haven't yet decided.)


Tumblr, why do you let me down! I only want a bit of entertainment on this cold rainy night and all I get is...not much entertainment. It seems like most of my favorite bloggers are asleep tonight.

Woe is me.

I suppose I should be working on that Challenge wallpaper...but rendering is the part I hate most. xD Ahh well...I have two months anyway.

Anyone out there doing anything entertaining tonight? Wanna tell me about it?

Picture of the day!

My newest chibi toon on Aion! Isn't she adorable? :D

On Fangirls...?

I have decided...that screaming fangirls really get on my nerves. I mean...I can't think of anything that would really trump how stupid that makes a person look in-front of the very people or fandoms they enjoy most.

The reason I say this...is because my little sister was watching this thing on One Direction today and the fans it kept showing in different parts of the interviews were squealing. It was incredibly annoying. I can't imagine how it would feel to be the source or the reason that people dissolve into that embarrassing mess. =.=

Just a random thought after watching people embarrass themselves on live TV!

A Stumbling

Well, I knew it would be difficult when I decided to do it but... Ahh well. It was a beta project anyway.

It seems people are to embarrassed or scared to share what their deepest feelings and thoughts about their favorite shows/Characters/anime...even anonymously for Otaku Confessions.

Then again it could just be TheOtaku's system. It is very different from Tumblr so it is harder to do these things even after leaving three options to share the Confessions.

I tried to make it as comfortable and painless as possible when giving the options. *shrugs* There were a few members to leave their anonymous thoughts so I know some people are interested. I'll just keep it up and add to it as I receive those anonymous messages.

It is still fun though! I do not regret making the world in the slightest. :)

Checking In!

Still alive and I have not abandoned TheO! I still check it everyday, I'm just busy during the week!

In any-case, I still love you guys!