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Avalanche of Pups...

So the Puppies were finally born...but it was a bittersweet event for all involved.

This was Dutchess' first ever litter and she gave birth to a grand total of 13 babies. 13!! ...and out of those 13, 6 were born dead or died soon after. It's very sad.I can only assume that with a litter so big, They simply just did not get the nutrients they needed to live. They were all so small.

So we ended up having 7 live, until today. One of the 7 had puppy fade syndrome. Which basically means that they appe4ared to be normal but slowly degraded over the next few days. I tried to bottle feed him and keep him warm as much as I could. It just simply didn't work.

*sighs* It's a sad day.

Puppy Waiting Game...

So Dutchess is as big as a house, I'm surprised she hasn't popped honestly.
I feel like she's refusing to give birth because she knows how excited I am. lol She's certainly always been a hardhead. I love her, but it's true. Silly dog. I mean...look at this!

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How have you not given birth yet!?

*takes giant breath*


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I'm ready!

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Echoes in the distance...

So as I posted previously, I rejoined GaiaOnline as well...and they are dying too. So sad! My oldest favorit-est places. I wish something could be done!

I feel like screaming into the distance. lol

I Nostalgia-ed All Over the Place...

I'm on a roll lately. Returned to TheO, Updated my DA and now...NOW I returned to Gaia Online. Spent most of the night transferring all of my stuff back to my first and main account. Why did I have so many accounts again? Lol

Hoping to advertise TheO over there too. Maybe it'll generate a bit more traffic for TheO!

Wishes for more...Fanfiction?

So it came to my attention today while reading Keba Si Rota's OC Post that...we don't have a fanfiction section. Why? We have fan everything else, why not fanfiction? And hey, just about everyone loves fanfiction, maybe it could be used to get some traffic? I don't know really but... Meh. Just morning thoughts.

I would just about kill for that addition.

What do you guys think?