another shadamy story

amy rose was runnig after her lover sonic yelling out how much she loved him but
sonic did not have the feelings she had for him in fact he was sick of her he
wanted her to die but when sonic slowed down amy wraped her arms around him
when he pushed her to the ground
sonic: amy get the f**K away from me i hate you i dont love you i love sally acorn
do everyone a favor and die!!!!
with that he sped off leaveing amy in tears


shadow was talking his daily run when he herd someone cry right then and there he knew who was crying a grrred
shadow: what did that faker say this time* sign*
he started to walk to amy
amy: why does he treat me like this for all i had done for him he just want to be with that sl*t sally acorn maybe sonic is right maybe i am in the way i just slow people down
shadow: no you dont amy
amy : sh shadow is is that you * turns around*
shadow: amy you know that faker does not see what he is missing i say you should leave him *smiles as he lends amy a hand*
amy: thanks shadow *smiles*
shadow: *wipes the tears off her face* amy i dont see why you put your self throw this for a pretty girl you need someone that loves you not one that runs away every time they see you *smiles*
amy: *blushes* like who
shadow: i dont know maybe
before shadow said anything he grrrrred staring at something that seemed not to be even there
amy: what*turns around*o.o s s sonic
sonic:well well well we meet agian shadow * smiles*
shadow: i guess so *looks at amy* get behide me amy
amt : *nods and gets behide him*
sonic: it seems like you have something i want *points at amy*
shadow: why the h*ll you want her when you dont even love her
sonic: lol i do love her its just that i hate it when you are near her
amy: then why did you say thati should die and that you love sally acorn the sl*t!!!
sonic: cuz......i...i
before sonic finshes shadow punches him in the face and turns around and grabes amy by the arm
shadow: ( the thingy that lets him go to one place to another) !!!!!!
they arve at shadow's house
amy: ..........
shadow: amy are you ok?
amy : y yes
they walk inside and as soon as they do that it starts to rain
amy: i guess i have to stay here until it stops raining
Shadow: lol
Amy what?
shadow: it will not stop raining for a week
shadow: well you can stay in my guest room it over there if you need me i will....
before he could finish amy kisses him on the cheek
Amy: thanks shadow *smiles * problem amy * watches amy walk to her room * i will never ever will wash this cheek agian *smiles*
sonic: i will find you amy and wheni do you will be mine if you like it or not *smiles*

(at shadow's house)

shadow: *sign* she makes m think of maira they have so much alike i i i i wonder if..... grrrrrr i cant i dont!*walks to his room and lays down on his bed* something about her.......she makes me feel happy for the first time in 50 years i i i think i am in love with her but i bet she does not have the same feeling that i have how can anyone love me when i am a soon as she leaves the sooner i will forget *falls asleep*

*in amy's (shadow's guest) room*

i cant belivei kissed him he must hate me *sign* giggle then why did he blush i must be in love *smiles*
3 minutes later amy hears sceaming and runs to shadow's room
shadow: no maira dont do it i beg of you!!!!!1
amy: poor shadow he is haveing a nightmare *walks up to shadow andputs her hand on his head and watchs as he calms down* giggle he is so cute when he sleeps good night shadow and sleep well* goes back to her room and falls to sleep*

*the next day*

amy: *yawn* i guess i should ask shadow if i can use someof he shirts cz i cant wear my dress for a whole week it will smell * walks down stairs to the kiccckin*
amy sees shadow makes brakefast and she smiles and sits down
shadow: good morning amy
amy: good morning shadow
shadow: have a nice sleep last night
amy: giggle yes but i think you didnt
shadow : what you mean?*looks at amy
amy: well i herd you sceaming and calling out maira's name i had to put my hand on your head to calm you down
shadow:...........* frowns* i miss her
amy: oh shadow that was the past you need to move on if you
shadow cuts her off
shadow: i wont move on ok !!!!
shadow: here* give her food*
amy: thanks.......
they eat brakefast and when amy was about to go upstairs shadow stops her*
i...i..i sorry i yelled at you
amy: i under stad shadow
shadow: how?
amy: i lost my whole family when i was just 5 i never really knew them i still have nightmares when they burned in the fire *tears fall down * i know what its like loseing someone you love someone you care a lot about
shadow: i am sorry that hapened to you* walks up yo amy and hugs her* and your right i do have to move on with my life i cant stay in the past
amy *blushes* ummmmmm shadow
shadow: yes amy *looks into her eyes*
amy: i want to let you know that i am over sonic *smiles*
shadow: *smiles* i am glad


sonic: hey pal* waves hand at tails*
tails: oh hey sonic whats up?
sonic: not much oh umm do you know where shadow lives?
tails: ummmm i think so why you want to go see him
sonic; yeah
tails: i thoght you hated him
sonic: welll ummmm*thinks* he kidnaped amy
tails: he what!
sonic: yeah ummm i was like talking to amy when shadow came up behide her and i think he is holding at his house
tails: we need to tell the others but not cosamo she sucks
sonic: yeah she does oh and dont tell sally too
tails: why i thought you love her you aways take her with you everywhere
sonic: shadow might kidnap her too you know
tails: good point there comeone who knows what he is doing to amy so lets get this show on the road!
tails: hey rouge we need your help sonic said that shadow has kidnaped amy
rouge: what? sonic is lying i herd saonic yelling at her and then when i was going to to what happened i saw shadow helping amy
tails: that cant be right?
rouge: well it is
tails: dont belive you
rouge: fine but i am not going i have a date with my knuxs *giggles* so dont even try asking for his help
tails : fine!!!
tails goes to his workshop and crosses out rouge,cosamo,cream,sally,and knuckkles
tails: *sign* what if rouge is right*!* wait a minute when did sonic start having feeling to amy
sonic : why arnt they here?
tails: when did you start careing for amy i thought you hated her?
sonic:i.....i...i i just dont like her being around that faker..............just tell me where he lives
tails: what if i dont
sonic: come on tails plz!!!!!
tails: fine!

( at shadow's house)

amy: so what do you do for fun around here?
shadow: ummmmmm welll reading i guess
amy: you sound like tail come on there got to be something fun to do you got any games ?
shadow: not that i know of
amy: well there is one game i am not play and that is i spy
shadow: fine i will see what i got ok
amy: dont go* looks scared*
shadow: it will only take a minute amy
amy: can i go with you?
shadow: uhh sure
shadow and amy walk upstairs to look for a game they can play
amy:oh ummm shadow
shadow: yes my rose.........o.o i mean yes amy
amy: did....did you say i was your rose?
shadow: ummmm i did im sorry
amy: *giggle* i dont mind at all i would love to be your rose shadow ^.^
shadow: amy......i am not like the others
amy: i know that and i like it
shadow: no amy i mean i a moster that was mentto distroy the world i was built to be the ultimit life form...
amy cuts off shadow useing her finger*
amy: i dont care shadow all i see in you is you
shadow:*smiles* are you sure this is what you want amy * wrapes arms around amy and pulls her closer*
amy: *blushes* yes shadow i do want this
shadow: i may not know what love is but all i know is i feel something that makes me feel like a am melting every time i see you
amy: that is love shadow ........well not true love but a feeling that you want that person*blushes even more*
shadow: amy i......i lov
sonic: we meet again shadow * looks at what they are doing* grrrr get your paws off of my girl!
shadow: *lets go of amy* how dare you come in my house you faker!
sonic: amy give me your hand and we can get out of here* holds out a hand*
amy: nooo! i am not going anyway with you sonic i am over you!
sonic: i tried to be nice but now i not asking i am telling you come here or i will take myself!
amy: no!
sonic: as you wish * runs to aamy*
shadow: get the h*ll away from my girl! * grabes sonic and throws him across the room* amy run
amy starts to run as fast and as far as she can while sonic and shadow fight over her


tails: *sign* i have a bad feeling about this i should get sally she can deal with this *calls sally*
sally: hey tails whats up
tails: hey ummm not so good sonic is trying to take amy away form shadow
sally: wait what?
sonic: she is mine shadow now move a side
shadow: she is mine not yours faker * hits sonic in the face
sally storms in and sees my run by
sally: Amy!
amy: sally? what are you doing here
sally: well lets just say that a little birdy told me that sonic wants you
amy: thatnk god your here you need to stop sonic before he hurts shadow
sally: dont worry * runs with amy to sonic and shadow* SONIC!!!!!!!!
sonic: sally? *gets hit 8 sally: shadow stop it and sonic come with me now!
shadow: lol
* shadow runs over to amy*
shadow: are you ok baby
amy: yeah
sally: you are in big troble
sonic: fine -.-;
sonic amd sally leave shadow's house
amy: i love you shadow
shadow:i love you too amy * leans in to kiss herbut only to kiss her finger* huh?
amy:*giggle wipes the blood off shadow's lips then kisses him*
shadow wrapes his arms around her waist and amy wrapes his neck
shadow:*stopes kissing amy* so amy what you want to do now *smiles*
amy:i dont know *giggle*
shadow: well i know want i want to do with the rest of my time *smiles*
amy: oh shadow
shadow picks up amy and starts to head to the bedroom and closes the door

*the next day*

shadow wakes up to see amy sleeping soundly on his chest amd smiles he kisses her on the head and gets up to take a shower

* an hour later*

amy wakes up
amy: *yawn* good morning shadow.................shadow?
amy takes a shower and gets dressed goes down stairs to see shadow watching tv
amy:good morning shadow
shadow: hmm uh hey baby good morning to you too how did you sleep*gets up and walks up to amy and kisses her*
amy: yeah *giggle* i had fun last night * runs finger down his shadow* i love you
shadow: i love you too baby

the door bell rings
shadow: i hope that not sonic grrrrr
amy: it might not it might be sally or rouge hmmmm it might be rouge
* ding dong ding dong ding dong*
shadow: comeing!!!! gosh
ding dong ding dong
shadow: i am coming* opens the door* oh hey rouge whats up
rounge not much you
shadow: same
amy: oh hey o.o* runs to the bathroom*
rouge: well well well *giggle* i think you need to talk to amy then * flys away*
shadow o.o amy!!!!!!!!!
* a few minutes later*(fyi this stuff they talk about i think is gross)
shadow: you mean i am going to be a father o.o -.- o.o
amy: yes shadow *holds belly* =P
shadow: i cant belive i am going to be a father*smiles*
amy: oh shadow


sally: i cant belive you sonic
sonic: sally i just dont like amy being with shadow thats all
sally: oh sure
ding ding ding ding ding dong
sally: *sign* i am comeing * opens the door* oh hey rouge
rouge: hey sally guess what
sally: what?
rouge: i think that miss amy is pregnat
sonic : shes what!!!!
sally: she is! oh i am so happy for her ^.^
sonic: grrrrrrr
sally: yeah umm rouge we need to keep sonic away from them
rouge : way a head of you* smiles at sonic*
sonic: uh ohs

( the next following 9 mounths are boring so i will not put them on kk kk)

*at the hospitle *

shadow goes back and forth untilhe hears
dotor: mr shadow
shadow: * runs up to the doctor* yes!
doctor: congrates its a girl * hands the redsh outlined baby with black furr with one hand read and the other black*

( i know my sister was ment to come firsts but i need mine to come first cuz something happens and plus my sister not that inportent lol )

shadow: she is so pretty* hold his girl*
doctor; but saddly i cant say much for her mother i am..
the doctor gets cut off
shadow: no your wronge she isnt she cant!!!!!!!!
* runs to amy*
amy: s s sh shadow i a a am sorry
shadow: dont say that amy * tears form in eyes*
amy: i i i love you s shadow * dies*
shadow: i love you too amy T.T
the baby crys later knwn has skulldied

the end

skulldied: sniff sniff what a sad story daddy
amy: well it just a story sweety
carly: yeah so get over it
shadow: well i am happy it was just a story * looks at amy*
amy: *giggle* and thats how shadow fell in love *kisses shadow*
skulldied and carly: ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!
shadow and amy: lol
and thats it