Welcome to the world of Sethb1. if your here than 1 your just looking for somewhere to go. or 2 your one of my friends XD So yeah this world is just what's going on with like what I played and anime i watch and bought also manga and other things ^^ Here is some things about me. ^^

Well my name is Seth bird ^^ I'm 17 years old and going to the 11th grade

Personality: I have a very kind one. I like to help people and love to make friends ^^ I can be hyper but you know when you see it ^^ I'm also very loyal to my friends ^^ I also have a choice i made is not to swear ^^

Likes: I love video games, anime and manga. I like to hang out with my friends and make jokes ^^ I like to draw but I'm not that good at it but i am trying to get better. I love cute things ^^

dislikes: I hate bugs(but butterflys are cool ^^) spiders, mean people, getting yell at, being alone for a long time.

Favorate anime/manga: lucky star, popotan, when they cry-Higurashi, Aoi house, pretty face, negima, school rumble, rosario+vampire,The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, black cat,Mao-chan,comic party,etc.

Favorate video games: Halo, metal gear solid, resident evil, super smash bros.brawl, kingdom hearts, and many more XD

music: I like techno, happy hardcore and anime songs ^^ I dislike rap and hip-hop.

favorate animal:I love Foxes ^^

favorate color: blue,green and brown.

Have any question please ask I be happy to answer or talk to me anytime ^^

Human unagi from popotan ^^ I did not make picture found it on google ^^

Yeah good news ^^

Well good news I got my downstairs computer back and now i can be on longer YAY!!!!

On other news I'm intested in a visual novel call little busters. It looks awesome. I hope i can get it when i can. It looks so cool ^^ and since I'm talking about i guess i can put up of a cool picture of it. found it on google. ^^ so i'm not the one who owns this cool awesome picture XD Also here is the opening video of it ^^ i do not own video ^^ But it's awesome ^^

I just played the demo...there is a fan tranlated of it too....it was soooooooo awesome!!!! I want to get the full game so badly!!!!

Opening #1 to code geass!!! and an awsome pic of C.C. and Lelouch!!! XD

yo!! katty here!!! here is the first opening to the best anime eva code geass!!! the song is called colors and is by the band Flow(my fav j-rock band next to orange range!!)!! personaly my fav opening is O2 my orange range!!! oh and here is a cute piccy of C.C. and Lelouch!!! they look so kawaii together!!! my fav couple!!! i think lelouch is soooo sexy!!! *cough* well enjoy!!!

My fav pic of C.C. from code geass!!!!

okie dokie!! man i post on this world a lot!!! LOL!!! ok well this is my fav pic of the immortal witch C.C.!!! i luv her along with Rita and Konata!!! i luv them!!! well enjoy!!!

a prettyful picture of me!!! Katty-chan!!!

hey sethy!!! i wanted u to see what i looked like so here is a picture of me!!! i know i'm not that pretty but i'm showing the pic to u anyways!!! but yeah this is what i look like!!! what do u think of me now that u know what i look like!!!
PS: u can call me by my real name now if ya want!!! my real name is kelsey!!!

Tales of Vesperia opening!!! and a pic of Rita!!!! XD

here is the english opening to ToV!!! and a pic of Rita!!! Enjoy!!!