Welcome to my little world!!! Here i express whats on my mind (i tell you stuff as it is and i dont hide the truth and sorry if i hurt your feelings in doing so) and what i think on stuff and i talk about my personal life and anime!!!!!! So Enjoy if you have any questions plz pm me, if the questions are personal i'll probably have to talk you for awhile til i fully trust you so yea Laterz!!!!

Long time

So long time no post huh? lol well nothings really new with me besides drama with everybody at skool at in gets really boring, like come on ppl were a lil too old 4 this ya kno? but anywho jus thought id see how every1's doin so yah and this is really short i kno sorry but i cant think of anything 2 write so my bad.. Well talk 2 sum of u guys later, bye!


Hi guys!!!! Sorry i havent been on for awhile! But plz dont hate me cuz of it!!! But i've just been busy with summer stuff, and then now im in Cali visting my mom, so how many of you guys r on summer break? Well i'll talk to you guys later and hope everythings going good for all of you

P.S I'm not leaving TheO for those of you who asked......

Woo *wipes forehead*

Hey guys sorry i havent been updating or anything! I've just been realllllllllllllllllllllllly busy!!!!!!!!! ugh i rearanged my room, cleaned it, help set up parties for my friends, and etc. its been alot of work too!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus my teachers gave us quizzes on the tuesday so i had to study sum more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, lol anyways i just thought i'd let you guys know so tomorrow when im all rested and calmed down then i'll write a even longer post about my last day of skool (wednesday) and what im gonna do for summer break, so yea well ttygl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laterz my homiez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Hey ppls

Hey everybody! I have to make this a short post cuz i have to go to dinner in like 5 minutes but i'll post a longer one tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! Well some of you have been wondering where i've been.... I've been up in Vegas baby!!!!!!!!! *Whoot* I love that place i use to live there for about 3 or 4 years, which was fun so bein there brought back some great memories Anyways i was up there for my cousins wedding! It was awesome! She got married at the top of the stratosphere It was kool looking over the edge, but yet scary at the same time lol


So what did you guys do this weekend? Tell meh all about it!

Attention, the votes were counted and the winner is.........

Hello everyone! Sorry I havent posted the rusults up like I said I would (my computer crashed so thats why it took meh so long!) so I shall post them up today! It was hard for me to pick the winners cuz all the contestaints did such an amazing job! And once again you all did great! So with all the messages that ppl sent me the rusults aaaaaaaaare =

1st place~ Sesshomaruluver47 & LoveIsDaKey

-You both did an awesome job and in the pm's ppl sent me your names both came up the most so you both are first, congradulations!

2nd place~ TheDarkAngel

-Your picture was very very sweet and it touched many hearts! This picture you created made ppl think of their loved ones or believe that someone special was out there just for them! Congradulations to you also....

3rd place~ LuckyChan101

-Ppl just adored your picture! They couldn't stop looking at the cute chibis!!!!!! It inspired them to start working on chibis too! Congrats young one!

4th place~ Nanao44

-Everyone enjoyed this couple! They said they look AWESOME together! They also said that this is very romantic, and its like the best date a girl or guy could ever have! Its a fantasy they wish would happen to them! Congrats to you as well!

Well again awesome job to all of you and I hope you'll be in my next contest!