Hiya!! wassup??? Sry i haven't been online lately but my internet hasn't been working and it jst gt back to working so I should be back on regularly k? k!^^ Well wats been up wit you guys??? Hey do you guys know if they are making anymore InuYasha episodes? I've heard a lot of rumors but IDK wats true!! So if you know anything could you plz give me any information you know? Thanx!!!^^ Well time to sign off!! TTYL!!


Hey watz up everybody??? Me nun much juss been missin you guys lyke krazy!!! I'm super duper sorry I haven't been on in lyke a year bt I haven't had much tyme to get on tha computer!!! Bt I can now so watz up wit everybody??? Well I guess I'll TTYL!!!

Much luv 4rm,

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Hey everybody WU??? N♥M♥H!! So how have you guys been lately?? Me??? I've been fine I guess. Hey have you guess noticed that they put the old otaku as one of our worlds on here? I have and I can't see anything on there, my BG won't show up or anything! Wat's up with that?? they should have just remodeled it back to the old otaku instead of putting it in here with this one. If you ask me I think it's kinda stupid. Well I went to the Blossom Festival we had down here yesterday and it was alright but the carnival part wasn't there because there was going to be alot of fights and it was alot of police there so they just didn't bring the carnival part. Well I'm babysitting my little cousins right now and they are really getting on my nerves but it's okay. Well I hope you guys have been doing okay! I have I guess. Well I guess I'll TTYL okay?? BYE!!!!!

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Hiya there

Hi!! How are you guys??? Me??? I'm fine I guess!!!!! Well I still don't like the new otaku vibrant very much but i's ok i guess!! Please you guys if you have a chance will you go and visit Aquamarine Angel??? It would really help!! Well sorry but I really have to go so I guess I'll TTYL!!!

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Hey how's it going?

Hiya guys how's it going??? I'm great I guess! I was going to update yesterday but I was in a hurry at school and I just didn't have enough time. but Friday I will be off punishment!(hopefully anyway) If my progress report is good then I will get my phone, PSP, Nintendo DS, and my computer back!! And also I will be able to have company again!!!! Well sry but I have to go so I guess I'll TTYL!!!!

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