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Hiya fans of Sessh. I see you stumbled upon our little Sesshomaru Fan Club. We encourage you to hate Inu-Yucky (Our's nickname for Inuyasha). And love dear sweet Sesshomaru. Muahhhahawaha! We will worship our Fluffy King. Go ga-ga over Sesshy. Its Sesshomaru *sparkles in eyes*!!


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Sesshomaru Fan Club Newz:

Dearest Sesshomaru Fangirls, there will be a club CONTEST as soon as we reach 10 members!! Luckychan101 will be holding the contest. So tell all your Sesshomaru lover friends to join as soon as possible! Thanks.

Keep checking back as we update at the Sesshomaru Fan Club! Thanks for coming. Be sure to come back to worship Lord Fluffy Buns!


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Here's a picture Luckychan101 and I made for the club! And for each other:

Sesshomaru's Fan Girl Names

This is where you can find Sesshomaru's nicknames. You could use it in this club. If you don't want to call him Sesshomaru you can call him these names:

  • Sesshy [or Sessh]
  • Lord Fluffy Buns
  • Mr. Fluffy
  • Sesshomaru-sama[or dono]
  • The Feudal God
  • Bishie-sama

If you have any nicknames for Sesshomaru tell us right here in the comment thingy!

Sesshomaru's Profile

Welcome to Sesshomaru's Profile. Here you could learn more about Da Sesshomaru.

Name Meaning:
-Destroyer of the circle of life.
-The Killing Perfection

Birthplace: Western Lands

First appearance: "Aristocratic Assassin, Sesshomaru"
Created by: Rumiko Takahashi
Japanese Voiced by: Ken Narita
English Voiced by: David Kaye (English)

Age: 700 demon years; 19 human years
Species: Inugami daiyōkai
Known relatives:

  • Inu no Taishou (father, deceased)

  • Mother

  • InuYasha (half brother)


  • Tenseiga

  • Tōkijin

  • Bakusaiga (manga only)

  • Whip (anime only)

  • Poison Flower Claws

Identity: Well, he's Inuyasha's older 'half' brother in the anime and manga. He's also a powerful youkai in the series as well and the Lord of the Western Lands. Also, as you can see on Inuyasha Shrines/Sites, they put Sesshoumaru in the 'bad' guy section because he and Inuyasha always fight when they see each other. I don't really see him as a villain though cause if he was, he would be in every other episode to try and kill his brother or something close. Makes you wonder...

Personality: At first glance to everyone he is a cold, calm, collected and arrogant youkai on the show, which is pretty fun to have if I may say so myself. He also cares about himself and only himself it seems as well and doesn't talk too much. If he does, than hes saying something arrogant to Inuyasha or to an enemy and its right at the point of what he is talking about. If you want to see what he says, go to Quote section of this site I have made.
Sesshoumaru also has a powerful aura which frightens other youkai and humans from him, which is good because he doesn't like to be annoyed very much. His respect goes to his father, who is deceased. He treats humans as 'dirt on his shoe', which by the way, he does wear. But somewhere along the episodes, he does care for one human and that is Rin a 6 or 7 year old human girl. I have a section on her as well but she is spoiler if you don't know about her already. And, a human boy has joined his party as well, Kohaku. He saved him from Byakuya. To have more depth with these two, please to go their pages that is to the navigation underneath Followers since it is a lot of events and...I don't want to type them out again.
He wears a fancy kimono as well and it's silk. As you see above this, he is wearing an almost completely white kimono with red hexagon shapes with white flowers in the center. He also has armor that covers up his mid section and has spikes that wraps around his left shoulder which keeps appearing when it is destroyed, so he must have a lot of those armors. Another thing that is in his appearance and that everyone wants to touch, is this fluffy white pelt. Some say it's his 'tail' or 'armpit air', but as you can see, it's neither of those. When he met Rin, the fluffy pelt was taken OFF of his right shoulder and layed on it, so it's not his tail. It's a youkino, which is fur for higher status people/demons. Rumiko said this in an interview, but, as others, and myself, we call the youkino a tail in our stories. Just to-oh I don't know-put more fun ;D

[He can also transform into a giant white demon dog, which is his true form. His crescent moon is the same but the strips on his wrists are gone and the ones on his cheek connect around the mouth. His ears become floppy dog ears and his eyes are blood-shot red]

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Hello there all members!!!!!!!! This is Sesshomaru22 currently speaking!!! I ask of all our members to ask your friends if their a sesshy lover just like you, if they are ask them if they want to join and if they do just tell the to contact LuckyChan101 or Kami-chan.x3.. If they arent a sesshy lover just ask them if they can ask some of their friends but they dont have to... Come on members lets help make the SesshomaruFanClub the most best and popular world!!!!!