FWIT: Elements Within

Part 1: Fire
Chapter 1: Kara

The academy stood majestically and tall. It was known as Nabea Academy for Girls and was a top rated school.

Bring! The bell signaled that the school day was over. Girls rushed out of the school a few minutes later as they headed toward their dorms.

"Kara! Move it!" a red headed girl yelled. She wore a pink uniform and her hair was in a long braid.

A second girl stumbled out of the school. She had long brown hair and big green eyes. The girl in the blue uniform was carrying two heavy bags that was almost too much for her to carry.

Each girl wore a different uniform to show what they majored in at the academy- pink for the arts, blue for basics and athletics, and green for technology.
The color was the only difference between the three uniforms; they all consisted of a T-shirt, a skirt, and a sleeveless blouse.

"KARA!" the red head yelled in a shrill voice.

"Coming!" the girl named Kara yelled. "You can carry your own things, Lorry," Kara muttered. Kara dropped her extra load and bolted down the entrance way. She continued running until she was at a small shack.

"Home sweet shack," Kara chuckled. "Lorry never comes here, and thank God she doesn't!"

Kara's shack was a three room area. In one room was her bathroom with a toilet, shower, and sink. The second room was her kitchen with a sink, fridge, cupboards, and a tiny table and two chairs. The third room was her living room/bedroom which consisted of a bed, TV, a desk, a computer, and a dresser. A heater was near the window besides her bed.

Kara threw her stuff on her bed and walked to her fridge. She grabbed a yogurt and sat down at the table. When she was done with that she grabbed her book that she was reading and sat at the table and read.

She was lost in the book forever before she was brought back to reality. Someone knocked at the door.

Kara jumped at first but quickly rushed to the door. She cracked it open so she could peep out. "Hello?" she asked.

"Hello," the stranger said. Her voice was as sweet as honey. "Is this where Kara Minka?"

"Yeah, I'm her," Kara answered, opening the door further.

"Good!" she exclaimed. "May I come in?"

"Sure, but, who are you?" Kara made a motion as to close the door if it was the wrong answer.

"I'm Borta," the woman said.

I guess she's all right, Kara thought as she opened the door wide and the woman stepped in.

The woman was wearing a woman's business suit. She had curly blonde hair that fell to only to below her ears and wide blue eyes. Her skin was a fair shade.

She suddenly grabbed Kara's hand. "Actually I was wondering if you would come with me?" Borta asked is such a sweet voice it was hard for her to say no.

"Sure, I guess," Kara said.

Outside the shack was a black stretch limousine. A man stood outside of it and opened the door as the two came closer. "Good afternoon, Mrs. Borta, Ms. Minka," he said politely.

As soon as they were in the limousine, it began to move. It passed houses and gardens. Kara noted every turn and street they passed, just in case this woman was a escaped convict or something.

They eventually came to a giant red bricked mansion. Kara gaped at it's size. How could a person live in such a place? It's as huge as the school!

Borta took the gaping Kara to the six foot oak doors into a large hallway. Kara eyes became wider at how decorated the place was. The walls were lined with fine paintings and the exquisite red and gold rug was as long as the hallway was.

"Kara? Could you take off your shoes and put on these slippers?" Borta asked.

Kara snapped out of her state-of-gapping and took the blue slippers that Borta was offering towards her. She took off her shoes and slipped the slippers over her socks.

Borta took Kara to a room on the second floor that resembled a café. Borta sat at a near by table. Kara followed suit.

"Why did you take me here?" Kara asked. "I have homework to do, though I don't mind this."

"I'll tell you in a minute," Borta said. She turned her attention to the swinging doors and waved for someone to come. A young girl came through the door. She had long black hair and wore a royal purple maid's uniform.

"What would you like, madams?" the girl asked in a cheerful tone.

"The usual, please, May," Borta said.

"And you?" the waitress asked, turning towards Kara.

"A Coke and some fettuccine alfredo, would be nice," Kara answered.

"Okay, they'll be out in a few minutes!" she exclaimed over enthusiastically. May turned and left with a spring in her step.

Kara and Borta sat there quietly for a moment.

"Why did you bring me here?" Kara asked again.

Borta turned to her. "Where to begin?" she said, her expression becoming grim. "Have you ever… thought you were different than the other kids?"

"Everyone's different, Mrs. Borta," Kara chuckled.

"Of course, of course," Borta agreed. "What I mean is have you been feeling really different? That you weren't what people would call ordinary?"

Kara thought for a moment. "I don't know," she answered. "What do you mean by 'what people wouldn't call ordinary'?"

"Like impulses to make someone combust into flames on site?" Borta asked.

"What the HELL do you expect me to be?! A psycho?!" Kara cried. She stood up.

"I used the wrong wording. Let's see…" Borta said. Kara sat back down.

"Have you… ever ran through a fire?" Borta asked.

Kara narrowed her eyes at Borta. "Yes," she said carefully. "When I was little my family owned a house that caught on fire. I was stuck in my bedroom. The miraculously I was–"

"–never burned?" Borta finished.

Kara nodded. "Yeah," she said.

"You're who we're looking for!" Borta exclaimed.

Before Kara could ask what she meant May came in with the food. "Sorry for the wait, madams. Your food is ready!" May exclaimed. She put their orders in front of the two. "Hope you two enjoy it!"

"Thanks, May," Borta said, shooing the girl away with a wave.

"What do you mean by–?" Kara began but was interrupted by Borta.

"Eat! You've ordered it right?" she cried.

Kara grunted and began eating her food. After a while of eating Kara took a drink of her Coke.

"Could you explain what you mean by 'the one we're looking for'?" Kara asked.

"You're the Element of Fire!" Borta exclaimed as if it was obvious.

"And that is…?" Kara asked.

"The Element of Fire is one of four Elements that are to save the world from the darker elements," Borta explained.

This lady is off her rocker, the girl thought shaking her head. Kara being this Element of Fire to save the world? It was so far fetched it could have came out of one of those mythologies from an ancient civilization. She could have just claimed that Kara was God and was destined to save the world from the Devil!

Kara laughed. "You need help, lady," she said. Kara got up and began to leave.

"No! I'm not joking!" Borta cried. "The Element of Fire has a tattoo of a red and yellow flame on the back side of their thigh after encountering flames! They cannot be harmed by ordinary flames either!"

Kara stopped dead in her tracks. Nobody knew of her tattoo that she had. The red and yellow flame on the backside of her right leg had appeared there after the incident of the fire– the one her parents were killed in. She spun around. "HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT?!" she cried.

"You are the Element of Fire! It is for told that someone with a special spirit will be sent to defeat their darker counter part!" Borta cried. "Please you must except you destiny! You must save human kind!"

"You're really off your rocker, nut case," Kara said darkly. "I'm leaving before you start spouting more trash like I'm the reincarnation of Jesus."

Kara left without another word. She walked all the way home– back to her only home.