i was so....

so today when i go to work out with my trainer (uncle) who mind you is six foot one inch and 250 lbs. says ok grab the jump rope and warm up. so when i grab it he says grab me a rope too and my worst fears are realized. i knew when he bought me a mouth piece i was gonna spar. but when he warmed up i knew that i was gonna spar him. so i glove up. my gloves are already starting to rip because of my bag work i had done the other day because i hit hard. he put on another pair over those so i wont hurt my self. i said hurt my self? wtf? so we do 2 min. rounds. we square up and he starts the round. after i get a feel for his reach i start using the style a technique he gave me. i slipped under his first few punches but let my guard down and got popped square in the jaw. that man hits hard. but not as hard as he could. trust me ive been behind one of his punches (padded well). so in round 3 ive gotten a feel for him and i finally get in on his defense!!!. i pound away at his mid section and he backs up. i go in for another punch and i slip his defense again but he is ready. he almost catches me on the chin again but i slip that one and i hit him in the chin and pull out. he yells " GOOD JOB DAMN GOOD JOB BOY!!!! HELL YEAH!!!" I DIDNT EVEN DAZE THE MAN AND I KNOW THAT PUNCH WAS SOLID. oh well. he said i was real good and if i was fighting someone my age i would beat him/her.

P.S. the bag work left me with busted gloves ($18 gloves) and blistered knuckles. and punching that man was like hitting a freaking BRICK WALL!! i jammed my wrist when i punched him wrong. strangely i feel good. like i want to battle now.