To one Miss. Red princess Rose

Imagine we were in the 1940's. Your wearing a beautiful Red dress and im in a black pin stripe suit and hat. The moon is out and its beautiful soft light is shining on us as we head into an old jazz and poetry club. the band is playing and we eat and laugh then Miles Davis and John Coltrane steps up and plays a song called So What:

while the music plays we talk about random things to keep ourselves from kissing each other. then they play this song:

and i take you up on the roof but we can still hear the music. The moon is now full and beautiful and we share an intimate kiss then i tell you happy birthday and pullout a necklace with a crimson colored diamond in it. i say "hold it to the moon light" and in it reads:
~This diamond of princess crimson red~
intimate was the kiss that bought this out,
Beautiful is the moon that read this to you
crimson red is the gift for one miss. Red Rose
blushing at this because only she knows
the undying love which one man has for her
is in this diamond of princess crimson red.

~Miss. Rose happy birthday from you friend Domine kuro. hope you liked the little poem at the end and the whole theme being in the 1940's. it was a big time for jazz and every body dressed real nice.