Why Does She do this?

Why does my mom think that im being a smart ass when im being serious. Is it because im 15? is it a stereotype that im supposed to rebel because im a teenage boy. if thats it shes extremely wrong cause if i were to rebel it would have happened when my nuts dropped in the 4th grade. she gives me so much trouble. she takes my words and twists them up like a pretzel. Maybe because im not good at talking shes taking advantage of that to seem like shes struggling trying to raise me. i dont have a speech impediment but i say things very bluntly. maybe i tell her the truth that she doesn't want to hear. if she has a problem with that then i dont know what to say cause watering stuff down only makes things worse. Even when i catch myself she makes me say what i wasn't going to say by yelling and screaming. this morning i didn't put on any deodorant and went bike riding. when i came back home ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. She bitched about how my personal hygiene is bad because i didnt put on any deodorant and cologne. Because i smell normal it is unacceptable for a young black man. Then im a smart ass back at square one.