i dont know what to name this. why is it that my dad is supposed to wake me up but decides to go to the gym. then since i over slept he wants to blame me. he says i should have a natural alarm. i do get up early but damn getting up at six everyday on my own aint easy. so my mom has banned me from the computer because i "stay up to late and dont think to go to sleep".true i get in the bed 10:30 - 11:00 some times later but not cause im on the computer its cause they work me like a pack mule and i fall asleep at the computer. No allowence, no "heres some paper for school and some new under shirts" (my essentials) , not even a lowsy pat on the head. i cant even listen to music. and imma have to go to sleep at like 8:00. i dont know how much more i can take. she bitches about this and that and wont leave me alone. then today she wants to bitch about how i leave my knives around and how my sister can get them and the safest place is behind the computer. THATS WHERE I LEFT IT!!! so now she has an attitude cauz im right. CAN ANYONE SAY WW3.
thanks for listening to me complain,
Alex Williams