hi my name is

Um.. man this is hard... Hi my name is Alex and... i'm an R&B head. Yes its true im addicted to R&B. i get it from my mother. thats right she put it in everything. just enough to season my steak. She even did it around me. I'd watch and listen as she overdosed and sang in pleasure. the type of R&B i'm really on (though i'm a heavy user of it all) is STEVIE WONDER. cant get enough of it. the stuff really messed me up. Also my reckless habits have also lead me to experiment with other uncontrolled substances including Metal, Hip Hop, Rap, country, and smooth jazz. this is unfortunately my one weakness (other than chicken gizzards but thats another post). yes music is one of the few drugs i do. If a girl ever sang me this song i'd fall in love. yes a girl can sing that song. My mom sang it to me once. Music pushes my life and literally keeps me alive. It keeps me sane. That it dose :). its unexplainable ( literally). This is music anonymous. If you also have a music addiction i'd like to know! Really dont be shy tell me i love all music its the one thing that brings peace to the Warring Crescent Moon State A.K.A my mind.