Us Otakus Care

Damn... a nuclear reactor melt down is serious. My condolences go out to all in japan who have lost someone or if someone close to them got hurt. This is their largest earthquake in 300 Years,at that time African-Americans were still in slavery and the shogunate was just beginning to come to power. America wasnt even free yet! Its almost like we (other than us otakus) dont even care. I go to school and some people still dont know. it pisses me off. the japanese are a strong, willful, and humble people. we ignore them like they arent even humans! any where other than america we give a pat on the back and acouple of dollars! let this shit happen in america. Humph! A shame, A damn shame. Japan us otakus have you and your people in our minds and hearts. Again my deepest condolences *I kneel and Bow*