Anime op and en

so im sitting here drinking slushy apple juice out of my brothers 8 year old winnie the pooh cup and i say " Damn, think of what anime would be without the openings". I mean, you'd be like totally... lost and unenthusiastic. think about when you hear the opening for FMA, Naruto ,or Ruroni Kenshin. You be like " Yo Yo Yo drop everything my anime is on". And the endings... the endings are the saddest part of the whole week (unless some one dies)if your anime comes on once a week. Its hard for me to not watch the opening. But i have to say one of the best endings is inuyasha ending #2. Deep forest. Its beautiful is the link for the lyrics.
if you all have any up beat or beautiful anime openings or endings send them to me id love to here them :)