i am the lone wolf of life. only one loves me. i dwell in a sector of the twilight zone... Where The Black wind Howls....

I'm #1 on the otaku wallpaper leader-board

i'm #1 today!!!! my icon looks so freakin epic!!!!

3:54 am

so its 3:54 am and i have to get up at 6:30 am.

go sub my friend please

my friend Kingdom Key is on this site now. go sub him it'll make him feel good.


dusktilldawn713 has a world called: xzx ~world domination~xzx.
if you would like to be part of the rising of the Domination Regime please contact miss domination here
we need more scientists and experimenters.
we need you! *points creepilly at you*

the original D-Note men wallie

this is the original Death Note men wallpaper scan edited by me.