i am the lone wolf of life. only one loves me. i dwell in a sector of the twilight zone... Where The Black wind Howls....

Hi ppl ^_^

Heyo!! my friend is now on theO and id like all of you all to give him a warm welcome!!! LINK!!!!
Also im gonna be making new wallies soon so be ready for SUCKY ness. jk jk lol XD.
thats it. carry on. (@^_^@)D.K.


Arekisanda is my name in japanese.

Mr fijiwiji...........


Thank you everyone for the comments and gifts. thank you all so much. i feel so loved. if i didnt get to reply to your comment in my GB then its because i cant make 6 consecutive posts. so im not iceing you.

I feel like...

i feel like im helping alot of ppl out with there problems.