i am the lone wolf of life. only one loves me. i dwell in a sector of the twilight zone... Where The Black wind Howls....


Yo i think rurroni kenshin is one of the best underrated animes ever heres op 1. its where i got the name for this world ( volume 6 end of volume special ).

1 Annoying thing teachers do

Yo sometimes i think teachers send stuff home just to annoy us. Get this i have a substitute right, and my teacher leaves all this work. The sub says " You all have to do all this work " and no lie, He points to the whole board (5X2 ft.). i immediately said " shiiiiiiit.... I be damned". so the next day my teacher comes in and really expects us to have all this work done. And when he found out we didn't HE WAS VEX. Then he gave us this huge disappointingly boring speech... so now Ive got all this stuff to do and Im super annoyed. If ur with me subscribe one new person
ooh an this guy weird al is funny as hell