i am the lone wolf of life. only one loves me. i dwell in a sector of the twilight zone... Where The Black wind Howls....

im freaking #4

IM FREAKIN NUMBER 4 BABY!!!!!! on the wallpaper leader boards. Domine Kuro is such a weird name but its my name!!! HA!HA! CHEA!

is there anyone on?

yo! is there anyone on that i can talk to? er wants to talk to me?

holy crap.

i just noticed i have 55 fans!!! yay!!! thank you all who are reading this and all who are not. i never thought i would get this far.


you are a builder You are detail-oriented, cautious, and practical, making you a BUILDER. You are excellent at focusing on the concrete, functional elements of things, so you're good at making things happen. P...

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imma VooDoo Child.