I needed a place to put all my nonsense, even if no one else sees it. Comments and critiques are welcome and encouraged!


Popcorn is good.
Except when its your brain.
Then its like an oven of shit.
I hope you all know
bats are cute
bunnies are evil
and your screwed.
So go have fun anyway.

Birthday Inspiration

Loved from the beginning
the savior
that was me.
The world is for the taking
but I only see it in my dreams
where people fly
and my first kiss happens more than once.
That person is always there.
That love is bright and almost blinding
but it will never go away.
Not even for a second.
Not even when it is.

Green Angels

Angels Crying
stepping on toes while watching the bats fly
they stand on the edge of damnation
being saved by whats good
leaving the illness
saving the monkeys copying their ways
crying always crying
lost souls stay lost
because good souls went the wrong way.

The Infamous "He"

He fell down the stairs standing up
He sat in a bubble and laughed at god
He cried for the dead puppets
He merrily cut down the tree while
He washed his pristine fingernails in the earth
He is hungry for life but passed on pasta
He couldn’t figure it out so asked the Pomeranian
He found out he knew everything
He crushed the red peppers and ate the yellow
He drank from the oceans beastly black depths
He drank the whiskey that was left on the porch
He didn’t drink
He tried to love
But most often killed.

A Lost Boy

The one who wants
the one who needs
sleeping like a baby on racks of needles
not finding, but knowing what is needed
trapped in life with no escape
fighting the grizzly of time
falling down
having to get up, but wanting to leave forever
weighted by love
lost by love
scripting words not said
hey, don't worry
we all end up dead in the end.