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Because I Need to Think of a Title - Part 1

*Unagi= Japanese freshwater eel

All he heard was the rapid pitter-patter of rain drops on the lake, against his boat, on the conical hat covering his head and face. All he felt was the sharp tap of rain on his skin, drenching his clothes, filling the bottom of his bottom.
Kang-Woo's boat was so small that there was no room left over as he lay in it. The water that kept rising around in the boat didn't bother him. It wasn't uncomfortable and the cold... he never really felt it.
It was dark enough already with the blackened clouds in the sky, but a thick fog had also descended, eating up more of the light.
Unagi* swam through the water underneath him. Of course he couldn't see them; it was too dark for that even if he tried, but he could sense their heat-
"Hey, mister!," a young voice called to him.
Kang-Woo didn't react.
"Your boat's gonna sink if you let the rain get in like that!"
Kang-Woo tilted the edge of his hat up and peered toward the source of the voice. Several feet away, on the shore, crouched a girl who looked to be about 8 or 9 years old. She was soaked to the bone and her black and silver hair was plastered to her face by the rain. She looked at him with an expression of anxious curiosity.
Kang-Woo let the hat drop back over his face and crossed his arms.
"I don't care," he called back.
"But what if you can never get it back?!"
"My problem, not yours."
They didn't talk for a while. Above thunder rolled loudly through the sky.
Then the girl spoke again. "Hey Mister."
Kang-Woo sighed. This was why he didn't like children. They were so talkative that there was never any peace.
"Do you think...," she paused as if afraid to ask. "Let's say someone did something bad, right? Something really bad. But it was just an accident. They didn't mean to do it. They didn't even know they could do it.... Should they still be punished harshly?"
There was another clap of thunder followed by a strange sound from further inland. The sound came again. It sounded like a man's voice, shouting. Kang-Woo lifted his hat again and saw the girl now facing the direction of the voice with a look of terror on her face. One of her feet was in the water and he thought he saw a strange ripple shake the surface of the stream.
He didn't notice the change in the unagi moving below.
In an instant, she got up and ran away. The fog swallowed her up in seconds.
A few seconds later a man ran up to the edge of the lake, panting. His hair was as black as the girl's but without the silver.
"Did you see a girl around here?!," he yelled, his voice laced with hysteria.
"Not here."
The man groaned with frustration. His face was red with anger.
"When I find her..."
After looking both ways he decided to run in the direction that the girl had gone.
Kang-Woo crossed his arms again and leaned his head back. He tried not to be curious, it wasn't his business, after all. But a sense of dread was spreading through his chest and the questions kept coming. Why was she out in this terrible storm? Was it safe to leave her alone with that crazy man after her?
He finally sighed and stood up. Using a long paddle that had been lying next to him, Kang-Woo made his way towards shore.
All he heard was the splashing of the rain, the rolling of thunder, the shouts of a man crazy with rage. All he felt was water around his feet, the hard paddle between his hands, and the apprehension in his heart.
He saw lightening flash across the sky.
What he didn't see, in the sudden flash of light, were the forms of the unagi underwater keeping as still as if they had been shocked by lightening themselves.

To Be Continued...

Nothing much

I dissected a mouse in Bio today. This might sound creepy, but my group was having way too much fun cutting up that poor creature...And I was laughing silently the whole time

Anyways... I was reminded again today just how annoying mobile devices can be. As I said before, I usually access the internet with an Android. But, the inconvenient thing is that they won't let me submit art to a group in DA or turn on subtitles on YouTube when I watch videos with people who speak foreign languages *cough*Korean*cough*or reply immediately to comments on theO. Hopefully these things get fixed in the future. Although I managed to use the computer today.

Started watching Soul Eater. I think it's hilarious.
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Almost forgot to do the post I make in this world every Tuesday. Apparently making yourself do something (like this) at a specific time or day every week is a good way to make sure you keep doing something that may be important to you. You can develop good habits this way, but I started this without even knowing that and it seems to work. Lucky me.

One of my uncles will be staying with us for the summer to do some job. It may be interesting because he's an artist and can draw really well. In fact, I think the job he's doing involves his art skills. He draws realism, which ,surprise surprise, I can do too. I'm actually way better at realism than at drawing anime. I can look at something and draw it realistically, but if I try to just draw something from my mind then it won't be as good.
But tbh, I haven't done realism in a little while because I've been trying to improve my anime drawing skills. I hope I'm still good, because I've been entering realism into a county fair art show for a few years now and my parents expect me to do it every summer.
Not that it's a bother or anything, but 1. It really puts things in perspective when you enter your art in a fair and you see all these other pieces that look way better than yours and you realize you probably aren't as good as everyone around you( including yourself) thinks you are. 2. My parents keep telling me about these artists who make millions of dollars on their work but I doubt I could make much money with realism/pencil art nowadays (even if it's not millions).
A while ago my dad said my skill would erode if I stop doing it for so long but I guess it's losing importance to me....


Friday ~ 1,000 views

SeLf CoNtrOl has reached 1,000 views (1,021 to be exact). Whoo! ~ Yay!~ Thanks for actually paying attention/talking to me guys, it means a lot and gives me something to look forward to ~ The views on this world have passed the ones on Anime/Manga4life (which I made long before this) but I guess that's because I haven't actually posted there in a while.

The ideas have finally started to flow again. I'm slowly getting over my writer's block and some ideas are forming in my head. (Thanks for the suggestions Sena; listening to music is what really helped). I think one of the challenging parts is putting a hard to solve scenario in the story to make it exciting and then trying to figure out how the characters will solve it, but at the same time it's kinda fun.

Guess this is a short post, because I don't have that much to say right now. Hope you all are doing good. (^ ^)

The Summer, it Comes

Summer is so close I can almost taste it. The weather is really warm, the days are longer, and we're having a bunch of final tests/grades in school. Speaking of tests, Biology HSA tomorrow but HSA's are always so easy that I'd wouldn't be surprised if half the students didn't bother to study and still pass. So, no worries there. Literally no worries, because there's a part of me that thinks I should be more alarmed about this HSA but I feel nothing.
I've basically been in vacation mode since after that Exam That Shall Not Be Spoken Of.

I still study/work when I need too, but my grades are good and most of my stress has been used up for this school year. The last couple days have been pretty chill. I started watching Darker than Black (exciting/mystery) and the Devil is a Part-Timer(comedy).

On Sunday, my dad started teaching me how to drive. I was just going really slowly around a parking lot and I almost ran into a pole, once, but I think I did ok for my first try. At least, that's what my dad said. Also, once school is over I'll be doing work in the library. It's just volunteering but it feels kinda like a job except they're "paying" me with SSL hours, not money. I just wanted to mention it because these are kinds of things that remind that I only have a few more years of high school before I go to college and I'm on my own. Kinda scary, especially for a shy girl like me. Wish I knew what I want to do with my life so I could get a head start.

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