bye bye

bye bye
see you on and y-gallery

im tired of the site's design. i thought they were doing at least something at it, but a year passed and there are still the same bugs and strange navigation.
helloo admins ~

+ the site's mature content limitations.


hi @ all!

thanks for your constant support ^_^ im happy you like my new pictures, i hope i will become better 8D

do you know any other galleries where you can post pictures? one of my favourite, is gonna close very soon and i want to find a new place to post my pictures ^_^ currenyly im on, theotaku, advancedanime, and some more.

we've some cool news here 8) in March, in Moscow, An Cafe visited us!! a report on this concert is posted there --
And in May there's gonna be Girugamesh coming to Moscow too ^_^
(an cafe was the first jrock band who came to russia ever!!)

i hope they all will visit us from time to time from now on!

once again, luv you all ^_^


Seiten fanclub :)

gah... hardly found how to add posts T__T this new vers is killing me..

i wanted to announce that i've created my site - contains some of my pics, tutorials and reviews :)

Im still writing new tuts for it and try to update often :)

Hope you visit it and enjoy!

You have to register and wait until i check your data T__T those stalkers suck X__X

There are:

- tutorials on wings, skin etc. If you have any request for a tut, you can ask me!
- reviews. :) I try to give comments to the picture you send me and send you result in MS WORD format (text + recomendations + images). It can help you to learn photoshop as well :)

Hope to see you there!!!

new version

thank you everyone for enjoying my pix !

actually i dont understand anything in this new version... there are things that should be and i cant find them! my number of votes, for example!!! the new version makes me feel uncomfortable T___T

i wonder who the hell did manage to make our old Fanart site to look so lame and useless??? oh..
*sei-ten very sad*

anyways , im always online on !