Welcome to the Seireitei.It is 10 years after the defeat of the Arrancars(hooray)and a whole new line-up of captains and lieutenants have been assigned.Anyway this world is meant to create a future story to Bleach and is in no way related to the current events happening in the show now.If anyone wishes to join pm me with your characters profile and I will set you up with a rank.Mata ne.

Head captain:AnCiEnT OnE(Rei Kuromaru)
Squad 1 Lieutenant:Macaiah(Senna Yusagi)
Squad 2 captain:miableachgirl(Akuma Sobamizu)
Squad 2 lieutenant:same as above(Minao Torisawa)

squad 6 captain:Sixth Hoshikage(Neraku Suyu)

Neraku Suyu

My character:

Name: Neraku Suyu

Division: 2nd

Species: Soul Reaper

Zanpakuto: Ryukana

Zampakuto Ability: When released with the phrase "cut through the shadows", it becomes similar to a scythe, and is able to control it with his spiritual power, even for long range attacks.

Hair Color: Black

Personality: He is nice and kind toward the people he knows and cares about, but anoyying to people he just doesn't like. He also is a person who has an likely hatred for hollows.

Minao Torisawa, my OC

Name:Minao Torisawa Gender:Female Race:Shinigami/Japanese Rank:Lieutenant Hair:Shoulder length, Dark Brown Eye Color:Dark Brown, almost black Zanpakuto:Kuro Mukade(Meaning black centipede) Zanpakuto...

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Akuma Sobamizu, my OC

Name:Akuma Sobamizu(Her real first name is Kaikahana) Gender:Female Race:Shinigami Rank:Captain Hair:Short, Black Hair Eye Color:Aquamarine Clothes:A Shihakusho, Capatain's Jacket, Obi Belt, Tabi Socks, an...

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Profile:head captain

Name:Rei Kuromaru
Rank:Head Captain
Hair Color:White with black tips
Eye Color:Left-white/right-black
Zanpakuto description:Rare zanpakuto that contains 5 forms in shikai and bankai.
Clothes:Captains uniform andhalf hollow mask
Relations:Last remaining member of family
Lieutenant:Senna Yusagi
Background:Rei was born into a family that never lasted.When he was just a baby his parents died in battle and he was adopted by the court guard squads and trained to be a soul reaper.As he grew it was proven that he posessed a tremendous spiritual pressure that if left unchecked would destroy the entire soul society in one blow.Originally he was locked up in a special cell but when became apparent he would remain this way the head captain figured a better solution would be to design a limiter for him to wear.They finally got their wish when he accidentally hollowed out at age 10.Using a purified form of the mask they designed it to act like Zarakis eyepatch but allow him decent access to his powers.They also sealed away his full bankai and created a special zone spell he could use where he could remove the limiter and fight at full power.Now he has replaced the head captain and leads a new group of shinigami to protect the Soul Society.