Welcome to the Seireitei.It is 10 years after the defeat of the Arrancars(hooray)and a whole new line-up of captains and lieutenants have been assigned.Anyway this world is meant to create a future story to Bleach and is in no way related to the current events happening in the show now.If anyone wishes to join pm me with your characters profile and I will set you up with a rank.Mata ne.

Head captain:AnCiEnT OnE(Rei Kuromaru)
Squad 1 Lieutenant:Macaiah(Senna Yusagi)
Squad 2 captain:miableachgirl(Akuma Sobamizu)
Squad 2 lieutenant:same as above(Minao Torisawa)

squad 6 captain:Sixth Hoshikage(Neraku Suyu)

Neraku Suyu

My character:

Name: Neraku Suyu

Division: 2nd

Species: Soul Reaper

Zanpakuto: Ryukana

Zampakuto Ability: When released with the phrase "cut through the shadows", it becomes similar to a scythe, and is able to control it with his spiritual power, even for long range attacks.

Hair Color: Black

Personality: He is nice and kind toward the people he knows and cares about, but anoyying to people he just doesn't like. He also is a person who has an likely hatred for hollows.

Minao Torisawa, my OC

Name:Minao Torisawa Gender:Female Race:Shinigami/Japanese Rank:Lieutenant Hair:Shoulder length, Dark Brown Eye Color:Dark Brown, almost black Zanpakuto:Kuro Mukade(Meaning black centipede) Zanpakuto...

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Akuma Sobamizu, my OC

Name:Akuma Sobamizu(Her real first name is Kaikahana) Gender:Female Race:Shinigami Rank:Captain Hair:Short, Black Hair Eye Color:Aquamarine Clothes:A Shihakusho, Capatain's Jacket, Obi Belt, Tabi Socks, an...

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Profile:head captain

Name:Rei Kuromaru
Rank:Head Captain
Hair Color:White with black tips
Eye Color:Left-white/right-black
Zanpakuto description:Rare zanpakuto that contains 5 forms in shikai and bankai.
Clothes:Captains uniform andhalf hollow mask
Relations:Last remaining member of family
Lieutenant:Senna Yusagi
Background:Rei was born into a family that never lasted.When he was just a baby his parents died in battle and he was adopted by the court guard squads and trained to be a soul reaper.As he grew it was proven that he posessed a tremendous spiritual pressure that if left unchecked would destroy the entire soul society in one blow.Originally he was locked up in a special cell but when became apparent he would remain this way the head captain figured a better solution would be to design a limiter for him to wear.They finally got their wish when he accidentally hollowed out at age 10.Using a purified form of the mask they designed it to act like Zarakis eyepatch but allow him decent access to his powers.They also sealed away his full bankai and created a special zone spell he could use where he could remove the limiter and fight at full power.Now he has replaced the head captain and leads a new group of shinigami to protect the Soul Society.

Senna Yusagi

name- Senna Yusagi

gender- female

race- shinigami/demon

Rank- Lieutenant

Hair color- Light golden brown with one red highlight on strip of hair near face

hair length- down to where her legs start

eye color- crystal blue

Zanpakuto-Ilyana(the Zanpakuto of devine powers)

Zanpakuto info-It's one of a kind. it's powers are deadly yet beautiful. but should not be underestimated, no one can take this sword's deadly power.

captain- Rei Kuromaru

Clothes- mainly a soul reapers uniform but in free time she wheres anything
a headband that fits around the head

Personality- kind hearted and sometimes an airhead

Story- Senna has alwaysed been close to her captain. Eversence she was a child, She's been Rei's childhood friend. Her demon clan died when she was very young, eversence then she's lost her memories of her past. She was very lucky to be her captain's Luetinant. But she was actually born to be a soul Reaper. The 10 court guard squads kept calling her a prodigy, which she is. She was leveled enough for Captain, but chose Luetanant so she could be with Rei Kuromaru. Like most demons she has a power. Her powers actually come from darkness. But when she turned 14, her power went wrong, and ever sence, she now has the power to hollowfy. But after 2 years she had it under control. When she trained to control it, she almost died. but it was worth it.