Secrets Bane

Secrets Bane is originally going to start out as a book and will later be made into a comic. The book will continue and will be written along side the comic although the comic will take much longer to do.

The book and comic will be done by Eltreakol and Emphori


Enjoy :D (:

Secrets Bane - Chapter 3 - A New World

Chapter 3 – A New World Pzao trudged through the grass, dragging his legs. He had just lost his brother to the wilderness; he had gone and deserted him. His mind was still fresh with the vision of Uka’s angered face, burning h...

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Secrets Bane - Chapter 2 - Lost Civilization

Chapter 2 – The lost civilization The ground was cloaked with haze, congregating over his body. Sky lit with fragments of light, striking the earth. Colours flourished around him, the luscious green of the plants covered his sights ...

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Secrets Bane - Chapter 1 - Chaos in Reality

Sweat dripped from his brow, his mind is contemplating her words, morphing in his mind, disturbing him to his core. What did she mean? ‘Find what cannot be found and unlock the meaning to save creation, those with the power over life and dea...

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Secrets Bane - That starter bit

Winds swept along the streets, cultivating the crisp air so wanted by the grasp of man. The buildings were draped in darkness, clinging onto every corner of the desolate town. The sound of feet skittering over dead leaves pulsated through the air, warped light refracting through the gaps of passage in the trees.
Screams pierced through the air, filling the streets, catching the mans mind. The war has broke out…it was time. Smoke arose from roofs and terraces alike, the flames grew into the sky disappearing into the night sky.
The rebels are awaiting the signal to strike, the men pacing the base completely unaware of the war blazing above them. Then they came, like a thief in the night, parading into the streets and flooding the alleys, the rebellion had started.