My Radio Show

I have been on radio for going on five years this summer and this is where I can ramble on and on and on about my favorite tv show, music and what not. But in this blog, I am gonna talk about my radio show "Seanatonin".

My career in radio started in the summer of 2006 when I read that a friend of mine created a radio co-op in my hometown and I said, "Why not see what this radio co-op is about." So I went to the location where the radio co-op is and me and him talked about me having a show and he'd show me the ropes. A few weeks later, he shown me the ropes on how everything works for a radio station. Then, he asked me for a time slot for my show that I want and a name of my show, So I told him 3 pm and the name of my show was the Chuinin Show. After a few months on Fridays, I went to have more time slots, renamed my show "Chunin's Corner" and added a new side show entitled "Tao of Sean". During this time, I went as "The Charismaticn Chunin of Cool".

Over a year of that, I merged my shows into one show entitled "Tao of Chunin" and in the December of 2008, I stopped doing that show and started a new show with a new theme each week in which I call "Sean-a-tonin" and dropped my Chunin and went with "Malibu Sean" as a joke to Hulk Hogan. Once in a while on my show, I do an entire hour of J-Pop, J-Rock, J-Techno or a mix of them.

When I started, Rossland Radio Co-operative was on the internet ( and now it is on the FM Dial (only in Rossland, BC at 101.1 FM) and you can follow RRC on twitter ( and on MySpace (

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