Enough of this bitch.

Okay, rant time.

For the past two years I've been in a hate-hate relationship with an old friend because I called her out on being a slut. [Flirting with all the guys while dating the sweetest one, and blatantly leading them on by telling all of them she'll date them once she's single] Ever since then, she's been copying my very existence. To my attitude, personality, and style, to the friends I get really close to and she just has to be friends with too but she makes them fall in love with her. I make them my very close friends. She's a complete poser. She goes around saying, "Man, I wish I had some pot" but she'd never touch that stuff in her life and everyone who has known her long enough definitely knows this. My best friend and I are getting sick of her trying to steal our dates/boyfriends away from us when they definitely like us. She sits on the lap of my best friends boyfriend and she tries to grind up on my date when I'm actually starting to like him.

Honestly, I'd like one thing to be completely my own without her trying to copy or imitate it because I'm honestly going to punch her in the face one of these days! She only started talking to my date again because I mentioned that I was taking him to the Snowball after not seeing him for two years and she hopped right up on that shit.

Indie Poser, go shred your virginity because that's not what's making you a whore. Your entire outlook on life is.