Not as cool as the last post.

Today, I woke up to see that one of my really good friends on theO is having some privacy issues because of his personality and his fun-loving nature since people are relaying information back to a girl he's not dating, and the people relaying the information aren't his girlfriend either! Yes, we tease each other and are very close, doesn't mean anything's going on. But I don't understand why people feel the need to flippin' invade his personal life... I honestly can't think of a reason why people would be so ignorant but whatever. They should just know that they need to butt. Out. In the past, someone decided to go and tell the girl mentioned earlier, and we got into a fight. I was a good friend with her, so I was kind of pissed that someone felt the goddamn need to fill her in with every flippin' detail!

I'd understand if the person was a close friend of hers and was just looking out for her, but this has just gotten out of hand. Now my friend is taking a break from the chat and I'm probably not going to visit either because he's the only one I really talk to anymore on there! -_____- Even when I seperate myself from the dramatic life of Role-Play, some people decide to suck us back in because they want to "help". Help by leaving us alone.

This has been a rant by the Puppet Cheshire/Mistress.

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