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Otaku Moment (kinda)

This may not be a total otaku moment, but it was definately a fun memory for my friend and I who are total otakus ourselves.

As many otaku know, there are moments where they just can't restrain themselves from the wonders of an otaku environment. Sometimes this environment may include their friends, a convention, or an all-day thing online. Whatever the moment may be, we have all experienced one. (Sometimes people experience an otaku moment at least once a day.)

About 2 years ago, my friend Sara and I were left unattended to by my parents. They had gone out for a long night on the town. As the evening drew closer to midnight, we began to party. :D We listened to Numa Numa amvs on youtube and watched Naruto (before it stopped airing XP) After our little moment of fun, we began watching Inuyasha. During the commercial break, Sara turned the Numa Numa song back on (for like the 50th time) while I went to grab some bottles of pop from my garage. When I returned the music was up almost full blast and Sara was weirdly dancing to the Hare Hare Yukai while listening to Numa Numa. I threw her a bottle of pop, and she missed it. She threw it back to me and we started to play hot potato with it. After about 3 minutes of continuous throwing, Sara finally opened it. IT EXPLODED~! A fountain of caramel colored soda burst through the cap and exploded onto Sara's shirt, and the floor. I did the same with my bottle and rapidly shook it for a minute and opened it up right in Sara's face. We wasted about 4 more bottles of pop. The entire floor was drenched in pop from one side to the other. We panicked because we didn't know what time my parents would be back. We quickly grabbed a few towels and started drying the soon-to-be sticky floor. As we were drying, our favorite song changed to one that we hated very much; The Barney song. Our night of exploding was over. Time to watch the rest of Inuyasha, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, and whatever cool anime that were on at that time.