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Title: Apocalypse
Series: Original
Characters: Blue Orb and the reader

"On the first Mondays of every month, at least one airplane would plummet towards Earth. On the first Fridays of the month, at least one well-known person or celebrity would die. In between that, random natural disasters would occur, killing thousands. This is the beginning of the end. I can't stop it. You can't stop it. No one can," said the small luminious blue orb, surrounded by darkness.

"I'm gonna stop this, I don't care what you say. You're just a talking ball of light," I said hazily. The orb's glow was like a night light barely breaching the darkness. I don't know how to stop this, but I will. These past 16 years are nothing if the apocalypse is near.

"If you deny the end, you can possibly prevent it or worsen it. Billions of lives are in your hands. Do want to be that person who defies not only their own destiny, but the world's?" the orb asked anxiously.

"Yes," I said with confidence. This is my world. If there's a way to save it, even if its just a gamble, I will save it. Its for the sake of not just me, but for everyone.