This is my new world! Its small cuz I just created it about 10 minutes ago. ^_^'

My Home for the Holidays Poem

Dancing snowflakes falling from a white oblivion
Ecstatic children skipping merrily from door to door singing cheerful carols
The warm feel of a mug filled with hot chocolate too hot to be sipped
The soothing scent of home mixed with the crisp smell of pine
The hugs, kisses, and greetings of a loving family
Mother, in her homemade Christmas sweater
A feast fit for God Himself, gathered around a cozy table
Laughter, chuckles, grins and giggles,
Grandma's succulent pies after a hearty meal
Then the gathering around the spruce as the oldest pass out presents to their childrens' eager little hands.
Finally, after a long night of joy in its purest form
We rest our heads, thankful to the Lord.