This is my new world! Its small cuz I just created it about 10 minutes ago. ^_^'

The Forgotten Cosplay

Inside the closet lies clothes, creepy dollhouses from years past, a monster, and the forgotten cosplay. Yes, the forgotten cosplay. It is a sweet lolita outfit with accessories to match. A hat, some gloves, and an old necklace. Locked within the necklace is a spirit. The spirit of the girl who made and designed this dress.
I am the girl who bought this house. This house hold secrets. The previous owner was a young girl like myself who was obsessed with designing her own clothes and cosplay. Once she passed away, I was given the house. I had never known the girl but I was in her will. Everything now belonged to me. The countless cosplay items and fabric that was stewn across the floor when I arrived. What a mess lay before me!
After I cleaned up, I headed to her room. It was the biggest room in the house so naturally I claimed it as my bedroom. It was dark and gloomy. It had a creepy aura especially since she died in the queen sized bed by the window. Apparently she was weak and sick and spent all her time on the second floor sewing. It was unfortunate that she couldn't show off her creations in public. It sat down on the bed and sighed. All of this was mine. Why was I in her will? Didn't she have family? Suddenly, a heard a faint voice calling me from the closet. It was soft and feminine. It was almost like a bird singing. I opened the closet door and the voice stopped. Inside the closet was a large dollhouse, a stuffed blue monster and the most beautiful dress I had ever seen. Hand-made with pink cotton and white frills along with a pink hat with a white fabric rose and a silver chain with a glowing pink heart. I looked into the heart. I wondered whether it was made out of some unknown jewel or glittering stone. As I looked into the jewel, I thought I saw a pale girl with long golden curls. I blinked and she was gone.
Without thinking, I tried on the dusty outfit. I looked just like a Victorian doll. It fit perfectly. Next I tried on the hat and finally the necklace. Suddenly, the voice called out again! This time it said my name.
"Miki.........Miki...........Miki!" It chimed. I got scared. Why was it calling my name? Is there a ghost? "MIKI!" It shouted. "WHAT?!?!" I yelled frustrated. (Author's note: Do not scream what at ghosts or demons. They could get angry. If this was a mean ghost, Miki'd be dead) "I have waited so long for you. I'm glad you're safe and healthy otherwise this would've been pointless," the necklace beamed. "I watched this one anime before I passed. It was about a witchlingwho could trap spirits into objects. I thought I'd try it on myself since I had nothing to lose. It worked! Then I'd have to wait until I could find a healthy host to share bodies with. That's where you come in. Please allow me to go on dates and girly stuff that I was never able to do. As long as you where this necklace, I can be part of you. May I possess you tonight?" The necklace asked. "Uhh. No." I said. "Too bad!" the necklace said back. A strong gust of wind took my breathe away and before I knew it I was laying on a bed of darkness, chained to the darkness with no way of escaping. Then a small window appeared. It was like a looking glass glued to the ceiling. I could see everything that was going on but I had nothing to do with it. "Thank you" echoed a voice. "By the way, since we'll be 'soul sisters', I thought I should tell you my name. I'm Rin, and yes, I was the girl who created everything you see and the life you are about to see." I could tell she smirked because I smirked too. I don't know why but it was like our emotions were attached too. "LEMME GO!" I screamed. My voice rang through the necklace on the outside world. "Just let me have my fun first. I know! We can switch selves! I can have the body during night and then you can sleep while I'm using it and you can have the body during day and I can sleep while you're using it," Rin exclaimed. "What do you mean the body. It's mine to begin with!" Rin grinned. "Not anymore. Its ours!"

Death Note: Misa the Witch

Once upon a time, long ago, lived a tiny witch named Misa. She was accompanied by her towering cat named Rem. Misa was a super star that had all the luxuries one could ask for. These two creatures lived and loved together in a world without violence and crime thanks to Kira. Kira was secretly an evil warlock hellbent on a perfect world. His cat was named Ryuk. Ryuk loved apples. That's all I have to say about him other than he's a smartypants.

Anyway, one day Misa wanted to meet her savior. It was the only thing she ever really wanted. Kira killed the criminal that was terrorizing her and killed her family. In order to meet her savior, she created a spell with her cat, Rem. The spell cut her remaining lifespan in half but in return it also gave her the eyes of a true warlock. With those eyes, she was able to see the names and lifespans of everyone on earth, including Kira's. On her long quest, she finally found Kira, but his true identity was a wizard named Light. Light was always hanging around a vampire named L. Misa always tried to include herself into their conversations but they would say "A witch should not involve herself in these manners." She just thought it was a boy thing. But each time she heard them, they would say something about a mischievous wizard killing off thousands of criminals.

The more Misa knew about this, the more she tried to protect Light, and the more she tried to protect him, the more suspicious it made her look. Eventually, the vampire L, had his coven arrest her. The vampire L was smart and knew she had something to do with evil warlocks but he didn't know what. Misa was confined into a small dungeon. Meanwhile, her savior, Light was sympathizing with her. He, too, was also under suspicion and placed under arrest by the coven. During his confinement, he thought about Misa and how he could use her to his advantage. His plan to set them free had worked. But Misa had a curse on her.

When she was in confinement, she had to give away her cat, Rem. While Rem was away, the spell was broken. Misa had to renew the spell. The spell drained her of even more life, thus becoming a curse. From that point on, she managed to help the evil Kira in any way possible. She only wanted to be of use to the wizard. Even when the wizard killed the vampire named L, she still believed in his righteousness. Until the end, she remained loyal to the evil wizard even though the evil wizard never once cared for the witch unless it was for his own personal gain.

To this day, we still don't know where Misa is, but since Kira is no more, we can conclude that she is miserable, but at least she is spending her last moments with memories and a hope that she will once again, meet the wizard named Kira.