Not much to tell that most of you dont know, I am everyone's (at least those who actually KNOW who the hell I am) favorite smartass. At least I try to be.

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The Other Side of Turning 30. . .

So, as it probably popped up in the in-boxes to those who subscribe to me. I turned 30 years old yesterday. . .

I'm old now. . .

I spent the last two days fishing with my brother, so I can't complain. Our uncle come up from Mississippi and is spending the weekend with us.

Other than that, nothing is going on.

What's up with everyone else?

It should go without saying.

Once again, its been far too long since I decided to put thoughts here in the old blog.

I really feel that all the times I say I'm trying my damndest to work on myself, its all bullshit. I'm lying to me, about almost everything. I'm deluding myself with a lifetime's worth of bad habits.

I'm not good at being too social. It seems every time I try, I feel like I fail. I really suck at keeping in touch with the people who mean the most to me. All it would take is a simple call, or a text, a message on Facebook, or email. But I never get to it. I can't help but think that when I do reach out, I'm wasting the other person's time. Its not the case, I know that. But it is quite difficult to convince an introverted, depressed, and socially awkward mind otherwise.

Every time I hear any kind of compliment, I just think someone is trying to blow smoke up my ass.

I'm done with the ranting. Sorry for the depressing intrusion into what I assume are splendid weekends.

I think I'll go and take a walk through my new 20 acre tract of land.

So what do you write here again?

I saw that Mimmi posted. And realizing that I keep popping in but never writing anything, I figured I would give a rundown. -Still with FedEx in Tennessee. Fun job, just not this time of year. Being Santa sucks. -Been getting into hu...

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Song Time!

This Tuesday, October 29, 2013 will mark the Ten Year Anniversary of the day I officially joined

Crapbaskets I'm old. . .

A blog by any other name shall be just as ignored. . .

Bullet point style.

- Sleep and stress struggles continue. Medication changes may be required.
- Work is pretty much work. Lots of driving, lots of cardboard.
- Dog is fine
- Brother is a bother.
- Irritability and introversion increasing, must be getting close to holidays.
- Incredibly lonely, but nothing new there.

Thats about it. I just decided to check in.