Not much to tell that most of you dont know, I am everyone's (at least those who actually KNOW who the hell I am) favorite smartass. At least I try to be.

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I've got nowhere else to put this.

Almost three years since I last made a post on TheOtaku. I used to come here every day, write the uninteresting details of my boring days. Give dumb opinions on things nobody cared about. I made friends here. Now it seems like every time I ...

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Last night.

Tonight is the last night in my apartment. Tomorrow, with my brother doing most of the work as I couldn't get time off of my job, we will be moving out to our property.

None of this, being a land owner, or a future homeowner, would be possible without my Dad. He was letting me borrow money from his retirement account to buy the land, and also to build what will become our house. Even when he was in prison, nobody did more for me than my dad. And everyday I wake up in that house, I'll be grateful for the gift he gave me.

I also took time to look back at the best gift my mom ever gave me. My dog Coal. I was so shocked when she got home from visiting my sister in Louisiana, and this tiny lump of pocket sized puppy came in the door with her. We had always wanted a dog when we were kids, but were never allowed to have one. (As an aside, our sister was allowed to have her damn cats, which always pissed me off) This dog coming into my life was such an
unexpected surprise.

I'm fortunate to have been given these wonderful, life changing gifts from my parents. But I'd rather still have them

Saying Goodbye

This past Saturday, at 4am, I received a call saying that my Dad passed away. Some of you may remember that a while back I said he had been in prison. It took so long for me to finally be able to share that with the community on TheO. ...

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Probably a bit overdue.

So, as the world knows, Robin Williams committed suicide a couple weeks ago. This hit me in such a hard way it surprised me. Let me explain. I have stated on the site many times over the last 10+ years I have been a member that I suffer fro...

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The Other Side of Turning 30. . .

So, as it probably popped up in the in-boxes to those who subscribe to me. I turned 30 years old yesterday. . .

I'm old now. . .

I spent the last two days fishing with my brother, so I can't complain. Our uncle come up from Mississippi and is spending the weekend with us.

Other than that, nothing is going on.

What's up with everyone else?