Chapter 2

Knock. Knock. Knock…………
“Hey Drew, it’s Solidad, can I come in?”
“Fure if fou font,” was his reply with a mouthful of ice cream. (Sure if you want, is what he meant to say.) Solidad opened the front door to Drew’s apartment, and she had to push away several empty ice cream containers to enter the room.

Drew wiped his mouth, and he got up to get another ice cream snack from the freezer.
“I guess you heard about Harley and May, am I right?”
Drew thought back to when May told him that she was dating Harley. He shuddered at the thought, but he had to ask.
“How can you tell that I heard about it?”
Solidad smiled and replied “ because whenever you’re upset about something, you overeat like this.” Drew looked at her slowly, but then went back to his icy snack. Within 2 seconds he finish, and was going for the next one. He held the icy cold snack in his hands; however, Solidad snatched it from him.
“Hey,” yelled Drew as he reached for the ice cream.
Solidad held the ice cream up higher, well out of Drew’s reach, and said to him “okay buddy, I think you’ve had enough, don’t you?”

Drew gave up on the ice cream Solidad held, and rummaged in the freezer for another.
“So what if I feel like eating a lot,” said Drew a little snobbishly.
“You’re jealous of Harley, aren’t you?” Drew’s eye slightly twitched at the mere mention of that guy’s name, and he desperately tried to fight back a blush.
“W-why should I care who May dates, it’s none of my business.”
“Well because you’re in love with her dummy.” He couldn’t fight the blush, and his face turned beet red.
“W-what are you talking about,” stammered Drew as he turned away.
“But you’re going to have to make a choice.” He looked back, and saw that Solidad had a serious look on her face.
“Whose happiness do you value more, hers or your own?”
“What kind of question is that?”
“Do you want May to yours so badly that you would hurt her to get her, or would you let her choose who she wants to be with even if it isn’t you.” The thought split Drew’s heart into two parts.
“This is something you’ll have to figure out on your own…. Now then, I’ll be leaving to catch a sableye. Think carefully about what we talked about.” Drew nodded as Solidad headed for the door attempting to dodge the many ice cream containers. She failed, and Drew couldn’t help but laugh.

With Solidad gone, Drew went to his room to try and relax. He began to think about what Solidad told him, but his thoughts turned back to May herself. His entire body began to sweat thru these thoughts, and he took his shirt off to cool down a little. Drew knew how much he cared about May, but he was torn because he wanted her for only himself. Just then he heard another couple of knocks at the door.
“Heh, probably Solidad again…” Drew got up and went to get the door. With a click the door opened revealing the visitor as May herself. Drew turned red again when he saw her.
“Hey Drew are you feeling any better,” she asked in her usual sweet voice. “Oh you’re sweating really bad.” She tilted his head so that their foreheads touched slightly, and Drew almost it there. “ I think your fever just shot up a little, you should get back to bed. And I’ve brought some food so that I could make you something good to eat.” That thought made Drew blush again. May looked over his shoulder and saw all the ice cream containers everywhere. “ I’ll clean up a little for you too.” She smiled sweetly, and Drew couldn’t say no.

She had him wait on his couch, while she prepared the meal. May quickly cleaned up the containers, and brought Drew a little medicine to help a little. The brunette girl went back to cooking, and Drew couldn’t help but stare at her movements. He thought more about his choice. May was important to him. And if letting her be Harley meant she would still be the same happy girl he fell in love with, he’d live with it. If she was taking the time to make him food when she thought he was sick, then he would be just fine with that. May then brought over a steaming hot bowl of chicken soup. She placed it on the coffee table in front of him, and warned him that it was really hot. “ I have to go now Drew I have to get to work.” Drew nodded as he saw her leave. He then took the spoon, and took the first taste of the delicious food. He wasn’t able to stop loving her, but his choice had been made. He would still protected May if need be. But he would leave those two alone, for now at least.

To be continued in Chapter 3