Chapter 8: So I'm like an assasin?

Louis's eyes shot open. He was lying down on the green swing outside again. There was a black leather book with a postit note on top of it. He picked it up and read the note.

It read: "Dear Lulu, Lexy and me are inside. Lexy said she was told to give this to you. It will explain everything and then tell us your part of the story.

P.S: Blake told me to tell you "Thanks for the fun kid, oh and your debt for letting me out has been paid already. Please don't blame me, I didn't make the limit rules and its not my fault DreamSail Co. hates me. See ya later kid"

Louis started reading the black leather book. He soon found out that it told him what do as a dream shinigami and explained to him what happened. Louis stood up and walked into the kitchen. In his mind his thoughts buzzed.

"So I'm like an assasin?" he thought to himself as he walked over to Sammy and Alexis.

"Your finnaly awake!" Sammy smiled. "Now the only qeustion that remains is, what are you?" she asked while pondering what part her brother plays in this.

"Well I guess I'm a Dream Shinigami." he said.

"Whats that?" Sammy asked

"I'm sort of an assasin that goes to different worlds on missions." he said, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Awsome!" Sammy cheered.

"Well what happens no-" Louis started to say. Before he could finish he vanished and a doll laid in his place.