Chapter 7:Enter Sammy

Sammy was the 12 year old in the famliy. She had long hair with two peice bangs and it was put into a ponytail like Neji Hyuga's from "Naruto". She had brown hair and saphire blue eyes with a touch of green in them. She was described as cute if you asked her friends but if you asked her family they'd say beutiful and creative.

She walked around looking for her big brother Louis and her big sister Alexis. Right as she was about to enter the kitchen she tripped over something and hit the floor hard. She passed out.

A bright white light flashed across her vission. Memories flooded in her head. Her eyes opened up quickly. Her reflection on the floor had weird swirl and circle markings on her forehead. She figured Lulu must have taken the opertunity to draw on her with marker while she was passed out. She went to see what she tripped on. It was a small off-white leather book with silver letters on it that read: "DreamSail Co.:First Branch, Bearer of the Message's Handbook" It also said it was for her eyes only. She carefully skimmed the pages picking up words thaht explained her situation.After she was finished she ran outside hapily with the new kimono that apeared on her body.
Louis was passed out in Alexis's arms.

"Hey what happened to Lulu?" she asked.

"He's just a bit tired. What's with the kimono and marks?" Alexis asked back

"I'm the Bearer of the Message, whats whit yours?" Sammy said cheerily

"I'm the Bearer of Secret." Alexis said and sighed.

"And Louis's?" Sammy continued the conversation.

"I'm not sure" Alexis finished. Sammy thought she heard something coming from Lulu's area so concentrated on it.

"Oh, it looks like I've put a little too much strain on Lulu's body. I must learn to control myself better, though i thoughht I was doing a good job controlling myself last time...." Blake rambled in Louis's head.

"W-w-who's there?" she asked nervously.

"What are you talking about?"Alexis asked.

"Someone can here me?" Blake chuckled.Sammy was shaking like a wet dog. Louis's eyes shot open but they were purple instead of their ussual blue.

"Who are you? What have you done to my brother?" she said, tears welling in her eyes. The purple set of eyes glanced up at her forhead and Blake chuckled out loud using Louis's body. Alexis got off the swing imeadiatly.

"Your the one who hurt him aren't you" she cried. Sammy started glowing white and winged sandels appeared on her feet and a halo above her head. "Leave my brother alone you demon!" she yelled out. Her fingers made a triangle on her forehead and a beam of light shot at Louis's body. His body vanished. "Wha-"She felt a hand on her shoulder.

"You wouldn't dare hurt me in your dear brother's body now would you?" He smiled. "I am Blake Juia Scars and for your information I am Louis's last resort, not his enemie. I now see why you can hear me I'll try to be more quiet." Blake winked and gave Louis back control of his body which instantly fell but Sammy caught it.