Chapter 6: Last resort?

"Hello Dream Shinigami. You must be the one who set me free from my prison. I give you my thanks." she smirked at Louis. He clenched his teeth.

"Long ago I was imprisoned in that lamp for stealing and killing one's loved one right from their dreams. Though they no longer remember their relationship it is an unforgivable crime, even for myself. For you to go home you must trap me back in the lamp and for me to be free forever all I have to do is kill one clumsy newbie Dream Shinigami. It hardly seems fair." She smirked a pulled out a sword.

She slashed mercilessly at louis, each cut digging dipper into his frail flesh. His forehead felt like it was on fire and no matter how hard he tried he couldn't dodge her attack. HE knew death was inevitable but he needed to live, he needed to survive to see his sisters and brother just one more time.... Eupie pinned him to the ground. She was about to pound her sword into his chest when time frooze and a voice spoke to Louis.

"Do you wish to live?" an ominous voice echoed from the walls of the cave.

"OF COURSE I WANT TO LIVE! DON'T TAUNT ME!" he yelled at the darkness. More pain searing across his wounds as he spoke.

"Would you rather live and vanish from everyone except your family or die and never be seen anywhere on earth again?" the voice asked. It was female.

"Live!But what do you mean...vanish......" he said losing his strength. He was fading. He could no longer see anything.

"Very well. Last Resort Level 2. Restriction level Decreation to 4" the voice finished.

A bright light flashed across his sight. His wounds healed by themsleves leaving small scars. Time started again. Sudden strength filled Louis. As Eupie heaved her sword at his chest he easily caught it with his hand and ripped it out of her hand. The sword made clanging noises as it skidded across the rock floor.

"WHAT IS THIS? THIS ISN'T POSSIBLE!" Eupie screamed terrified.

"Oh but it is Miss." Louis chuckled happily. "Looks like Lulu needs me already. I'm surprized. It's only his first day,it hasn't even been 24 hours yet and I already get to have fun. He sure is a magnet for trouble" Louis smiled,though it wasn't his voice.

"WHO ARE YOU!?!? Wait.....why are you eyes purple...i thought they were blue.." she screamed out at Louis's body.

"I am Blake Juia Scars and my name is the name you shall take to the grave." he said happily.

Euphie had sudden confidince."The last person who tried to defeat me only locked me up and ended up dead. You won't be much different." she scoffed.

"Very well. You shall continue to lie to the grave and so I have released all my sympathy for your sinful soul. May you enjoy your room in hell, Euphie" he said like he was wishing her a happy vacation in Hawaii. A sword came out from his arm, cutting his flesh in its way. It was dripping in blood but Blake showed no sign of pain.

"Your image shall no longer haunt the nightmares of others." Blake told her before plunging his sword into her heart. Eupie stated coughing blood and stopped breathing shortly after. Blake walked over
to the lamp and picked it up.

"I have finished my mission." Blake said quietly and the lamp glew purple. Blake apeared outside on the swing.

"My job is done Lulu" he smiled and the eyes faded back to blue. Louis fainted.