Chapter 5: Search and find

Louis continued walking in paths of sand untill he heard voices coming form a nearby temple. He litsened carefully.

"It's gone! Now Master Eupie must be free! She will lift us out of poverty and above royalty. We shall be her knights and she shall help her loyal servants!" a man yelled.

"Aye!" others cheered in response.

Louis thought about it and relized how important that lamp might be to protect the people. He was going to rush off to find it righht away but men started leaving the temple. Hew hid behind a column and decided that they might lead him to the lamp, and Eupie so he followed them. He hid in the shadows of sand dunes following the silent stepping servants of Eupie. It seemed like hours but they arrived at a rock cave that seemed to have been buried under a sand dune. He followed the servants inside. The walls had many weird markings on them. They servants turned around to check their numbers. One spotted Louis

"There is a spy here!We must dispose of him!" The man cried.

"Aye!" The others responded angerly. Louis decided to try out what he did on the gaurds. He took off his cap.

"I, Louis McTrelo, Dream Shinigami, order you all to leave here imedaitly." he said. His forehead felt white hot again. It was burning, he wouldn't be able to handle doing this another time. All of the men's eyes glew red.

"Of course Dream Shinigami." they awnsered and filed out of the cave.

Louis satrted to explore the depthes of the cave. There were many colorful hieyroglyphes decroting the wall that seemed to light its dark recesses. He entered a tunnel thaht lead to an open chamber. On the middle of the floor was a golden lamp. Louis was going to grab it but than he noticed the dark female figure next to it smirking at him.