Chapter 3: Alexis, BOS

Black hair, Blue eyes, very obssesed with L, this is how many poeple describe Alexis. Cunning, Smart, and wonderous is how her brothers and sister describe her. ALexis is 16 and the oldest sibling in the McTrelo family.

There was a loud crash from upstairs so Alexis decided to come in and see what it was. As she walked inside she felt like someone was watching her so she turned around.

Something caught her eye on he floor so she looked down. There was a small black leather book with a note pinned on it. Alexis picked it up and read the note out loud to herself.

"Please give this book to Louis when he is done fixing what he broke.I now proclaim you, Alexis McTrelo, the oldest sibling in this house, the oficial Bearer of Secret for Mr.Louis McTrelo. Your handbook shall arrive shortly. Yours truley, Aditi Adonis"

Alexis looked at the note confused. She took it off and looked at the cover of the black leather book. the title was "DreamSail Co.: 2nd Breach Handbook". In small print underneath it read "For Louis and his clients eyes only" and on the very bottom of the book "Made by DreamSail Co., Written By Aditi Adonis"

Alexis dare not open the book. She went upstairs to look for her little brother Louis. When she was climbing the steps she spotted somehting on the top step. She picked it up and looked at it. It was a stuffed doll,no larger than one of Mikey's Dinosaur ones, It wore the same clothes as Louis was wearing last time she saw him and it had Louis's face. She gasped and something fell on her head. The object fell on the floor but Alexis quickly picked it up. It was a scarlet leather book with a note pinned on top like Louis's. She read the note carefully.

"Dear Bearer Of Secret or BOS, Here is your Handbook. It will explain everything. Yours Truly, Aditi Adonis"

The title of the scarlet book read "DreamSail Co., 3rd Breach Handbook". Alexis opened the book and delved into the pages with hope to figure out what is going on.